Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Off to see the fam

I'll be off visiting family for a bit now that I am done grading things, which could mean that I will not be posting much, or that I will be posting and reading you-all's blogs constantly, depending on the overall levels of boredom and internet access. My whole family lives in a town that is in proximity to cool things but itself is the epitome of bland suburbia. There's nothing there except houses and apartments, chain restaurants and Asian grocery markets. And everything is new and built on the 1-mile grid, so it is dull and impossible to walk anywhere or have any sense of local community even if you wanted to (yes, except for freeway entrances, I think you could walk a mile in every direction from my parents' house without seeing anything except more houses). One of my favorite (because free) sleeping shirts is a t-shirt given to me by my mom that says "There's More to _______!" Fittingly, it doesn't list anything else; I can't think of anything either.

However, my parents do have tv. Anything good on I could catch?

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heu mihi said...

Good? On TV? Umm....

Well, I'm addicted to America's Next Top Model, but after this last week (women--er, I mean, girls posing as murdered corpses), my allegiance has started to wane.

Have fun!