Monday, April 23, 2007

Nothing Like a Monday to Get you Going

Tada! For some reason I got a lot done today --- momentum is a wondrous thing. First of all, I have groceries and took lunch to school, which is impressive and amazing. (I should note that I went out at 8 am to get said groceries, and managed to go directly from unpacking the groceries to packing for and going to school, without stopping to eat tasty snack things or take a nap or any of my usual post-grocery-trip procrastination.) Second, as if I were in an over-caffeinated supermood, I got to school and immediately looked up everything that needed to go in my last two footnotes, wrote everything up, and printed off the chapter. Uh, yeah --- did I mention to you the ignominy of having my chapter done except for a few footnotes and a few awkward sentences? And that I took two months getting these few changes done for my advisor? Multitasking is evidently not my skill. Procrastination of one task by starting too many others and getting distracted, is, however. My advisor had signed off on the chapter and I just had to do those 8 changes (plus fix some typos) before giving it to the rest of the committee. Every day I would tell myself, “Today I will bust out those changes really fast and hand the chapter on to my committee with a quick and wonderful turnaround,” and every evening I would pack up for home thinking, “Where the hell did today go? Guess I’ll deal with the old chapter tomorrow.” I have been getting stuff done lately, just nothing I could cross off as a finished task, with relish and satisfaction --- until today. Unfortunately, all my hard work has bumped exercising off my list ---- I haven’t swam since ... well, I was going to say, “Since my New Quarter Resolutions,” but actually, I haven’t swam for much longer than that (have swam? have swum? swimmed? swumpt? dunno.) Actually, the truth is I hate exercising (well, it’s ok once I get into it but I hate starting it and I hate trekking across campus to the pool and lockers. I do love the stretchy relaxed feeling I have for the rest of the day.) --- anybody got any suggestions for motivation, so I actually get my butt over and into the pool regularly?

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