Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Conference Amusings

First of all, I should say, I'm still jet-lagged. And my back hurts for some reason, which might have something to do with traveling cross-country in a plane or perhaps scrubbing down my very filthy (tho' filthy no longer) bathroom. And I still have not gotten groceries. Should I be preparing to teach? Finishing with cleaning? Leaping in to my dissertation or article-publishing work? Why yes. And I also have a plethora of promised posts to produce for you (sorry about the excessive alliteration; the doctor says just to ignore it unless it's medication time).

But, adjunct whore has demanded that I produce funny and interesting --- or at least procrastinatory --- works for her delight and edification, and how can I refuse? Therefore I will ponder for a moment on one of the more random sights of the conference:

I was waiting for one panel to clear out and another to come in when my eyes were arrested by a striking sight: a large, luxuriant, boisterous even, moustache of tan and gray, evidently taking a gentleman out for a walk. The effect was strengthened by a large patterned bow tie, that, despite its wingspread, was still smaller than that of the moustache itself. It boggled the mind in its bushy fullness and absolute symmetry, complete with tiny, incongruous waxed tips at each end, rather like a burly man with small, delicate hands. Words fail in the appreciation of this moustache.

Did it look like this?

Did it look like this?

Did it look like this?

Or did it even look like this?Yes, yes and yes! But it looked even more so, as it was, indeed, the Platonic ur-image of moustachery.


heu mihi said...

Although I'm not the one who asked for it, thank you for the funny distracting post! Perhaps now I can go to work shortly. But I'm not making any promises.

gwoertendyke said...

you are fabulous, dear sis, i feel guilty for begging you for funnies. though you delievered with panache....my favorite would have to be #3 here--wouldn't be swell to watch someone with such a stash deliver a paper on say lacan?

rest, eat, and clean....and thanks for the jolly post. i owe you one:)

Earnest English said...

Loved it. Just loved it.