Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Old Bag

Ok, I know I said I was going to talk more about blogging and gossip but I am distracted and want to talk about shopping instead.

I think I need a new bag. While the old one I have is great and very cute, it is starting to wear through in all directions. Plus, once I put my laptop and some paper to write on inside, it's full. This means I swagger all around campus with my bag, and several ugly auxiliary bags holding everything else I need --- sometimes even a plastic Ralph's bag wrapped around my lunch. This, I am sure, defeats my attempts to dress up to teach.

So I have been looking at bags and totes and messengers and such here and there and finally remembered that I have an ebay account, so I looked for bags there that would be cheaper, and as promptly swindled. I found a cute bag elsewhere on the web --- see ---

but when I bid for one on ebay what I got was much smaller than a laptop. Maybe it would hold a pencil. While they called it a laptop bag on the ebay, they did list the measurements down in the fine print, so I am screwed for sending it back. Sigh. Stupid me.

And now that I was so close I could taste it ---- although I don't usually lick bags ---- I really want to replace the frayed bag I currently have. I'm on the hunt! I need a bag that will a) hold my little laptop, b) hold other things as well, c) have some pockets so that I'm not constantly excavating the phone, sunglasses, million different sets of keys, etc. d) not be so huge and oversized that I look like a toddler with her mommy's purse e) look nice and yet interesting (now that I'm thinking of how boring my wardrobe is, maybe I need a bag with some sort of fancy or wild pattern as contrast). f) still be lightweight enough not to kill my back. Looking over my list I see I'm shooting for the impossible. Or at least some sort of magic like the tents in Harry Potter that were much roomier on the inside than the outside.

Or maybe I need a kangaroo suit. Wouldn't be as stifling as a panda suit, either.

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medieval woman said...

God - good luck finding the bag - if you do please post about it! I carry a black leather satchel-style briefcase that The Dutchman bought me as a giftie years ago - I've also begun carrying an ancillary boat-tote from L.L.Bean monogrammed with my last name ("Woman") on it. This contains the inevitable exams, papers, extra notebooks, etc. that won't fit into the briefcase.

You might look at L.L.Bean and see what they have!