Monday, June 18, 2007

Awww, yeah, she's got a lotta junk in her trunk!

It's true. See?

I am finally done with my grading! Now I will take take some time to return my home, car, and various other work spaces to some semblance of organization. One of the problems of picking up TAships wherever you can is that you often don't get an office, and you definitely don't get to keep it after the term is over, so my trunk has been my de facto office and storage space for the past year or so. We only have to keep unclaimed papers for a year, so I celebrated being done (and brain fried) by shredding or packing away all that junk in my trunk:

The shreddings filled a whole container, and I'm not done yet. I burnt out my cheap shredder first. By the time it's no longer overheated, I don't feel like shredding anymore. Oh well.

Now I've got to reorganize my library carrel-cubicle-thingy, oh, and clean my apt., and tackle all those dishes of crap in my sink, and ... ugh. Then I may go travel about a bit, or visit the family again, before settling down to my long winter's nap. gruelingly productive summer writing schedule.

It feels weird to read other academic blogs and notice that they've been in summer for a long while already. I'm teaching in the late summer session --- I checked schedules and saw that my summer teaching session starts later than some of your fall academic years. Freaky.

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Eddie said...

I just finished teaching a summer session as well. Let the summer begin!