Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kill Me Now

People, I am so bored. I think everyone in my town has left for bigger and better things ---- or is teaching an incredibly heavy load right now and not returning my calls (I'll ignore the nagging suspicion in my head that everyone is in town doing nothing and partying without me).

I have nothing to do except revise Project 2 into an article, which I had originally planned to be done with Friday (gasp, tomorrow!) and instead of progressing, it is turning backward as I find more and more things I really should address or fix. By the time my entire article is in bold and all the paragraphs broken, with little bracket comments to myself [no! move this over here to * stupid!], I can start over with a completely new essay. Or maybe I win a pony.

I would wish for one of those magic remote controls that allow one to fast forward parts of one's life, to get past this sense of waiting, and possibly speed through the summer teaching, but that will then get me right up into Job Season and, well, I don't want to deal with that any sooner than I have to. It occurs to me that not only am I pissy and irritated when revising, but also when writing. And usually during grading too. Tell me again why I decided I should be in this profession again?

And today I continued in my nefarious plan to remove all books from the campus library. Why do I do this? I know I will be tired and unable to cope with reading critical works (or god help me theory) at 10 pm after I've had dinner and unwound. Why do I plan to read five essay collections at home that I will need the following day back at school? For the past month I have been reading a book for the project on the bus as I go homeward. I do get a good 10-20 pages done, which is good. But I don't want to haul the book back with me (I'm certainly not going to read it in my pre-caffeinated state in the morning on the way in) which means, come the next evening, I am taking a different book back on the bus. If you come across the shelves for my time period, the library's not transferring them to another spot; I am cleverly denuding the library of books and building a simulacrum of it in my home.

So, get with the program, people! As I have told you, I had to choose between tv or internet for budget (and procrastination prevention) reasons. Some of you (not naming names but looking in, say, your direction) are slacking in your posting of funny and amusing or personal drama-type things. So, provide me with something not too difficult for my singed brain to follow and keep me entertained, chop chop.

Oh, and, got any other good virtual places to procrastinate? I know all about the lolcats and cuteness memes. I can't handle anything too depressing, so no news sites. I'm thinking zany. Or interesting shopping that I wouldn't actually buy, cause Target and I have been having too much of the torrid romance lately.


Flavia said...

Hey, if you get your hands on that magic remote control, let me know! I could so fast-forward through this period of waiting around & angsting in my personal life.

As for places to waste time online, well, I just keep accumulating blog feeds. And of course there are the popular standbys Go Fug Yourself and Manolo, which you probably already read. And I spend a lot of time on eBay looking at vintage purses, necklaces, shoes, dishes, and the like.

Flavia said...

Oh, and I'm also a fan of Wonkette and Gawker. Oddly, I generally prefer the former, even though I lived in NYC for many years and don't especially like DC.

Lots of updates per day, which is nice.

Horace said...

As for finding interesting things to do during the summer while everyone else seems to be off having some sort of fun, well, I can't help you, but only because I haven't figured out a solution other than having twins to drive you nuts, which is different from bored. Boredom is less expensive, though.

As for virtual procrastination (I suspect those are the comments you'll get the most of, natch) I just downloaded a Firefox add-on called Stumble or some such thing, which basically is a button in the browser that takes you to a random but basically cool site tailored to some stated preferences. I'm sure they're colelcting surfing behaviors for big brother, but it's fun anyway.

Take for example, this page of street installations, that I just "stumbled" upon:

Earnest English said...

Oooh, Sisyphus! Stop looking at me with your laser eyes! I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up my end of the deal and blogging the hysteria. It just seems so final when I post it. You know, I just can't deal with it in black and green and polka dots!

But I am waiting too. So maybe we should make a wait date soon. You know, we'll both go to a coffeehouse and read and moan and maybe inch forward on the various projects we're doing such a good job of procrastinating on. Or at least find blogs and sites of peeps who are not in this waiting hold.

I say go ahead and denude the damn library! (Of course, part of this migh tbe because I am IN the library.)

Eddie said...

I like these 2 sites for entertainment:

Sisyphus said...

Thank you for all the sites! Procrastination shall ensue. And Horace, that art installation was amazing! I should collect a bunch of the links I like and make an art carnival-type thingy.

Flavia, I knew you wouldn't let me down! The only problem with Ebay is that I have to be searching for something and it's hard to just click around on there without it getting boring. I do love all things retro though!

EE, I wish had laser eyes! Then I could rampage through the streets of Gotham! Or at least intimidate my committee into accepting 4 instead of 5 chapters. The great thing about making a comment like that so vague is that everyone can interpolate themselves. hee!

Eddie, those sites are crazy. have you seen the badger badger badger badger site? I could find it for you.