Sunday, July 1, 2007

No fog, just little cat feet

Isn't it the cutest thing ever? By the way, none of my friends have actually seen Timido in all his fuzzy glory. They think he's a figment of my imagination. But you have! Consider yourselves special.

Very important napping is going on here. So important that he makes little chittering noises as he sleeps.

Finally I leave you with a self portrait, taken while relaxing outside my parents' house.

Do my ankles always look that fat or is it just the angle? Anyways, sorry I didn't remember to take pictures of, you know, interesting stuff. Maybe I will remember to actually take my camera out with me next time.


heu mihi said...

I miss cats....

medieval woman said...

What a cute kitty! And your feet are great, too!

Sisyphus said...

JB --- I'll rent them to ya!

MW --- umm, ok. I believe you about the cat part.