Friday, July 27, 2007

Revising an article is like...

watching paint dry. To wit,

1) it is boring as all hell.
2) it is slow as all hell as well,
3) I can't make myself stay awake during either project,
4) it makes a complete mess of your room or work area,
5) if you get frustrated and jump the gun you have to do the whole damn thing over again, only this time while leaving painty fingerprints everywhere you go,
6) people's eyes glaze over when you describe either process and begin simply asking you, "is it done yet?" the first thing when they see you in the halls.
7) it's necessary, but people will only really notice and comment on it if you end up doing a bad job.

And with that people, screw the diet ---- I'm going off to eat decadent food at a coffeeshop and hope that it keeps me at least semi-alert. I had originally promised myself that I would go out to my friend's birthday party tonight if I finished. Now the goal is to get it up to everything but proofing before hitting the bar ---- I'm not going to catch any editing mistakes when I'm this lethargic.


SEK said...

This deserves to be a contest. When I first read the title, I thought it was a contest, then started drafting responses. So I may have to make it a contest, as I just turned in my heavily revised, woefully short Wharton chapter and need something more than irate deathcore fans to amuse me.

gwoertendyke said...

it is boring as hell sometimes; other times it feels scary as hell, like total overhall...

Sisyphus said...

You draft responses before reading the actual posts? Interesting. But yes, contests are always good. Be warned, though, I am the Queen of Inappropriate Metaphors, as any of my students will tell you.

Congrats on the Wharton chapt! (Isn't heavily revised good? congrats on that too.) This must mean that now there will be more fun and excitement for me to procrastinate with over at Acephalous. Excellent.

And Adjunct Whore: maybe I could correct my analogy to say that it's like watching paint dry while being suspended by one's thumbs over a shark-infested pit. Eh?