Friday, September 14, 2007

Ahh, better now.

First of all, I must say how sad it is and how it must be a sign of getting old if you go out drinking with the girls and we manage to get tired and finish up by 9:30. Sad, sad.

And second, I am in a better mood right now, as a day of not teaching often is, and really, singing weird job market songs at the top of your lungs a couple times really does help. I didn't swim today though. I will really need to keep up on that as fall carries on ---- sweat out the anxiety. (Or swim out, whatever.) I also figured out why I may have been extra touchy about a couple really bad class sessions the past few days; oddly enough, I am reminded in surprise every month: what, this is not the world conspiring against me but hormones? Surely you jest --- I am the picture of rational reasonableness. What? Oh ... no, no I don't usually try to defenestrate people most of the month. Eh, maybe it is me.

I also cheered myself up by going out to get Indian food last night ---- a paragon of deliciousness. And in a sideline rant, can I take a sec to complain about the inability to get anything delivered in this town? How is it that we can have 5-star restaurants everywhere you try to swing a cat but not get anything delivered? I called the Indian place of maximum tastiness (I think we have 4 here, ranging from unsanitary-don't-go-there-again to orgasmic treat) and they wanted a 20 dollar delivery fee. And 20 as a minimum order. "Just a second," I said. They said ok. So I hung up, got in the car, drove not two minutes, and walked in the place. Have they no respect for the lazy or depressed? Pizza, Chinese, pretty much the same way. If you've got 5 or 6 people at your house already I think it may be worth it. But what the hell?

Ah, food. I love eating. I eat when I'm happy, when I'm bored, when I need cheering up --- whatever. That's gonna be a problem this job season, I think. I know I need bigger interview clothes. But I don't want to have to get a several-size larger suit. I'm gonna need a better method of pick-me-up that is less caloric (all cheer-food calories must be transferred to the alcohol-comfort column now) in addition to upping my swimming. I have something cool to show you up lined up for tomorrow, but if you have any other suggestions, have at it too.


Belle said...

You have excellent instincts: smiting students is a favorite fantasy of mine, but I too love food, good red wine (my mantra: gooood reeeeddd wiiinnne) and yes, horrors, even swimming. Which I haven't done in months, since I had the time. Yes, that's right, I didn't swim when time was not an issues, now that it is, I will find the time. Go figure.

Good Indian food is but a distant memory. Have soem for me too.

Sisyphus said...

Yes, smiting sounds even better than beating --- why do it yourself when it looks so much cooler to have lightning strike from a blue sky? Or perhaps a giant hand comes down and squishes them.

Smiting is so Old Testament --- I like it!