Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am stuck to the couch

And when I say this, I mean something between a literal statement and a deeper, more encompassing life philosophy. Or one of my greatest character flaws. You'll have to talk to my friends and family to figure out the balance.

It is beautiful weather out and has been extraordinary for the past week or so. It is, dare I say just after reading a half dozen "we're snowed in" blog posts, shorts weather. Now shorts weather around here does not mean nice and hot, but a gentle basking warmness that is perfect for wearing shorts around in, except when the sun goes behind a cloud, or a breeze picks up, or a sudden gust brings some fog in, or the astral spheres realign, which means that to really enjoy shorts weather outside here you're going to need to bring along two or three sweatshirts, a blanket and a jacket. But yes, apart from carrying around all one's accoutrements, it really is wonderful outside.

But am I outside enjoying the wonderful weather? No! I am sitting on my couch, doing nothing. I could be writing my chapter. I could be grading. I could do either of those outside in the glorious outdoors, or perhaps something actually recreational and exciting. Instead, I am contemplating all those options and watching the time pass. (In my defense, I did clean a huge pile of dishes and scrub down the apartment this morning. I have no excuse for yesterday, though.)

I should be carpe diem-ing, seize the day, and all that, do all the things I would otherwise regret not having done when on my deathbed, or something. Meh. "carpe diem" doesn't really mesh with Couch Philosophy. Beating oneself up with guilt while not actually doing anything about it might mesh well, though. I wonder if I could claim that as a hobby?

So, not much eventful to report over here. I'm just sitting around, trying to find the energy to do some of my work, or go somewhere, or go somewhere and do my work, or go enjoy wonderful weather. I could go to the beach and grade ... or even go to the beach and nap. And yet, here I am, still on my couch. Would someone bring me some outdoors please? And a coke, while you're up?

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Belle said...

Ah yes. I was there yesterday. But today I moved outdoors and basked in the sun... and read a novel I've read a dozen (or more) times. I'm hoping the weather there in SoCal stays nice; I'm heading out there next week for a week of coping with aging parent woes. If the weather is nice, at least I can go howl in the sun vs the cold.

Popcorn is good for your situation. With the coke, of course.