Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random Bullets of Spring Break

Hello all, welcome to spring break! How much dissertation work has this cog done? Absolutely none! That makes it a little over a week since I have even touched it. On the bright side, I have finished and uploaded all my grades. Well then, what have I been doing, if not what I'm supposed to be doing?

---- I invited people over for a delicious meal cooked from scratch which involved almost every dish and pan I own (not hard, actually) and which we luxuriated over with the accompaniment of large quantities of wine,

---- The next day I alternated between lazing around, half-heartedly doing the resulting mountain of dishes, and interspersing these activities with copious amounts of internet time-wasting,

---- Then I invited more people over, who had a movie they wanted me to see, and offered to serve them all the leftovers from the previous night. A brilliant idea ---- I spent another half hour washing dishes and then had lots of fun totally impressing people with stuff I hadn't even cooked that day. And, I have only a little bit of leftovers rather than an overload to look forward to in the coming week,

---- I spent quality time outdoors, on the beach (it's beautiful weather out these days, not to inspire envy in anyone, but it's true),

---- Entertained los gatitos with much play and spoiling, first with a spare toy donated by friends. Length of time before the tail was gnawed off: 5 minutes. Length of time before the body was chewed apart (see pic to left): another 10 minutes, spread out over a couple days because I got wise to the fact it had elastic string and I was locking it away when I went to bed.

Post-Purple Mouse, I obtained Realism Mouse, which was made of leather bits and what seems like fur. That caused hissing and fighting and I had to throw the carcass straight away after five minutes --- it didn't even make it to the Drawer of Forbidden Toys.

After Realism Mouse I got new batteries for the laser pointer and also saw, at last, a "chew toy" designed for cats. I got two this time. I suppose I could take a picture of them too, but I won't bother. So far they have lasted well and are quite the hit. They make a squeaky snapping sound when they are chewed on hard, but are relatively indestructible so far. They are wrapped with a latticework of nylon and then fabric and then have catnip stalks in the center. I fully expect my little troublemakers to put on weight, saying "Duuuude" a lot and veg out on the couch with the remote now. Just as well --- the little fuckers weren't getting anywhere with my dissertation or my grading.

---- Went over to another friend's and was fed delicious homemade soup from scratch. Ooo! And a custard (meh. --- I'm not so fond of mushy foods.) I'm feeling enjoyably connected back into the gossip of the department, though I fear I have but scratched the surface.

---- Oh, and I tried Pilates for the first time ever ---- aigh! Shit! What muscles! I had no clue I could hurt in such places. We'll see if I can get back into some sort of exercise habit ---- even though it's warmer, I'm just not able to work up the effort to go swimming. Besides, despite Pilates being the absolute embodiment of everything that fucking pisses me off about California, I'm very tempted ---- they had me at "makes you seem taller."

---- And today, when I was supposed to be getting back into the work groove and getting tons of shit done before starting a new quarter and a new load of teaching, I abruptly decided, screw it, and went out shopping. For some reason I bought a lot of skirts and dresses, as if I wanted to become the Girliest Girl Ever. These dresses have some serious foof, although they are not full-on ruffle-butt kiddie dresses. Nor are they the skanky style that pairs so well with ugg boots after the manner of my students. And, really, considering I so rarely make the effort to dress nice and shave and coordinate and sit on chairs like a lady rather than sprawl with one leg up in an ungainly position, I don't know what came over me with the foofy dresses. I guess it's spring.

Unfortunately, I went back to a store fully planning to try on and shell out for this one dress I saw last week in their display window, only to be denied. I was thinking this would be an awesome graduation dress, considering that people are insisting I wear something underneath the robes, but there was no large and the medium did not zip up. Sigh.There were other problems with the fit too, but the dress had such style! See for yourself:

Yeah, I know: bra strap. And a really strange fit with the cleavage that doesn't work. The light in the dressing room was dim, so you're not getting how electric neon hideous that orange and yellow and green truly are. But they are indeed wonderful. So loud. Sigh.

The skirt is, indeed, only mildly foofy. It could use a, whatever it is, a petticoat or something. Not sure I'd put that much effort into getting dressed in any such way, but perhaps I would if the dress actually fit. Ah well.

So that's what I've been up to ---- I should post some cat pictures for your further enjoyment and edification, but perhaps later. Tomorrow is another day. Oh yeah, tomorrow ---- I guess I should deal with my final chapter tomorrow, huh?


kermitthefrog said...

Ooh, nice dress, despite the cleavage issue. Very graduation-y. Really, electric is the way to go, I think.

Sisyphus said...

Electric dresses? Shocking! What if graduation is outside and I'm too far from a power source?

Yeah, even if I could fix the cleavage problem, there's the problem of the zipper not going up all the way --- I considered just wearing it as a skirt and putting a nice sweater on top of it, but it will probably be hot at graduation and this dress is kinda pricey to use as a skirt. Ah well.