Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Taken from yesterday's post----

Stuff that Has to Happen:
  1. write intro (I got some sketchings)
  2. insert historical refs on page 3 (three spots)
  3. tie swerve off topic to main point on page 8 (3 spots)
  4. streamline/chop long P on page 9
  5. fix center ---- paste in end of pt 1 and finish resoundingly (a big job, requires actual thinking)
  6. cut or fix the framing comments at beginning and end of pt 2 (will take from the intro sketchings)
  7. fix end/conclusion of chapter
  8. footnotes are a mess!
  • read for class
  • prep section (I'm on it inna second)
  • grade cubic fuckload of bad student papers (siiiiiiigh...)
  • get finals, same as above, grade
Righto, I am blazing through my piles of crap to do! As long as we develop a special form of blindness that prevents us from seeing student papers.

Now it is my slump time --- late afternoon. Time to hunt down some caffeine and a salt-delivery system. Aww yeah! I'm off!


Poor Charlotte said...

You crossed things off your list! Congratulations! You deserve salt and caffeine.

Fifi Bluestocking said...

Can I just say how much I love the term "cubic fuckload"? Thanks for that!

Sisyphus said...

Indeed, much salt and caffeine were had.