Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Luv You Man!

Just got back from a party for some select few grads ---- drinks and gossip, dirt-dishing and more drinks. Let me tell you, I had not realized the extent to which Shit Has Gone Down in this department. The only difference between me and my fellow grads, however, is that deep down I don't think these unethicalities (unethicalities? sure, it's a word) are in any way unique to this department ---- I bet they're pretty par for the course across academia. But I don't want to talk about that now; I want to note how great it was to sit there with a few friends who have had my back for all these years and dish with them and share our stories, and most importantly to see some of them going off to new and wonderful things and feel really proud. It's so weird that I'm so glad to be done here and we all have been so miserable and bitter and anxious to be out of here, and now that some of us are moving I am very sad: Oh, don't leave, I will be heartbroken! I say, despite the fact that we have not hung out in months, and furthermore, I wish them only the best ---- they are going off to exactly the kinds of exciting jobs and lives I want and I am genuinely pleased they are getting these rewards. Isn't it strange? It's not like I won't see them about as often as I do here, and keep track of them by email and internet, and yet I am all maudlin and sad. Yes, isn't the whole thing strange?


Psych Post Doc said...

I get it! I was devastated when I had to leave all of my grad school friends (who were going off to equally cool jobs/places).

Although I see them as often as I can, and keep up with them via email and by phone it's still really hard to not be around them all the time.

Bardiac said...

Congrats on graduating, but yeah, it's hard to leave friends and go your ways around the country.

And I think you're right about the unethicalities being all over in more or less force. It's really disappointing!