Monday, August 4, 2008

W00t! Another paragraph down!

I have just finished tweaking the end of the paragraph I wrote the other day, and then assembled up a whole 'nuther paragraph that goes right after it. It was a mess, too, so it was no simple job. Happy happy! Now if I can only revise two more paragraphs today I will be a happy cog. Part I of this chapter is rapidly approaching a written draft status. Part III, if I may say so myself, looks pretty damn good. (I may have a couple footnotes to fix still, but, eh.) Part II, however, is pretty much nonexistent, which worries me.

But not today! Today I am only thinking about Part I and my incredible progress on it and how soon I will have conquered it and beaten it into submission! Huzzah! Hooray for mental compartmentalization and denial! And I had to have a double mocha extra strong this morning to survive which explains my overreliance on exclamation points! Whee!

Speaking of caffeination, last night was awful, by the way ---- you know what? When your neighbors have been served with eviction notices, there's not much you can do when they start acting shitty: ooh, what are you gonna do, evict me? Already happened hahahahaha! So, I had to listen to the sound of a vacuum cleaner and a very very loud Sublime album blaring away between midnight and 4 am. I'm not kidding. I heard at least one other neighbor get in a brawl with them and I went over too, and later I pounded on the wall, and later later I called the police, but they turned the music off before they got there so the police probably think I'm a nut. My only hope is that all that banging and vacuuming is because their 30 days notice is up and they are getting ready to get out right away. Argh.

After some more incredible and amazing progress on the chapter, I'm back to writing up more adjunct applications, and some apps for some non-academic work stuff too. Sigh. I have four things but if I get through two this afternoon and two tomorrow afternoon I will feel better. Bleah. Ok then, I've gotta get back to work and turn this mutha out. Leave me lots of comments, ok? And you should all post silly fashion things/comments/responses on the post below ---- advice? fave fall outfits? shopping wish lists? Go on, give me something fun to look forward to after all this crazy writing.


Maude said...

go sisyphus go!! you can do it! pound that bad, oh so very bad, dissertation into submission. get your cat-o-nine-tails and whip that baby down! woo-hoo! i'm totally rooting for you!

Belle said...

You can do this! Remember how upset and down and crazed Maude was? And she pulled it out, was brilliant, is now Dr Maude. YOU too can do this! It's almost over!

Write, write, write...

Renaissance Girl said...

hooray! excellent! keep going! and then you can invest in lots of legwarmers! (legwarmers are hip, right? i've seen xanadu...)