Monday, August 25, 2008

Wonderful Weekend of Laziness

Mmm. I didn’t do anything work-related or useful all weekend. It was nice. I read a novel for pleasure (shocker!), I trundled around on the internet, read the papers, I cooked a big wonderful fancy dinner for myself (with wine --- yay) and had lots of ice cream (actually, not really good after the wine --- I think I need to stick to one or the other), and lazed around a lot. Then on Sunday I cleaned up the kitchen and went to see a silly, not-so-good movie (Tropic Thunder) with Cool Scientist Friend and The Political Animal. Since it was a matinee and we didn’t feel like going home, that then turned into a leisurely tour of several bars (in search of the perfect patio) and dinner out and then some more bars. It was nice. I feel very dehydrated this morning, but nice. So, all in all, a very successful weekend, even if I did try to force myself to do work, unsuccessfully.

However, it is now Monday. And though I’m waiting for word on various projects, I feel absolutely no impetus to work. It’s like I’ve flipped a switch and gone permanently into vacationing mood. Hmm. The only saving grace so far is that the apt. people came to see to the empty apartment next door, and I knew as soon as they brought the air compressor and carpet-cleaning machine in that I needed to get out of there. So, I’m at school at least. Not wanting to work. Perhaps a list would help? I love lists:


I am waiting for some sort of response before doing anything further on these projects:

- dissertation is with Advisor
- waiting to hear about fall adjuncting job
- waiting for email back about R&R article


Filing Diss
- print and fill out all forms
- meeting with Advisor?
- leave signature forms with committee
- write abstract
-write acknowledgements
-check final formatting

Library Cubicle
-clean out and return all library books (need to wait on the ones directly relevant to that last chapter though)
- clean everything out of cubicle for return
-return keys
-return other set of keys
- ooh, and return that expired parking pass thingy too

Job Market Prep
- update diss abstract? Do I still need one if I’m done?
- update CV (resend out articles first)
- update template for letter
- ask committee to get ready for updating the letters again
- ask Prof Indomitable for extra letter?
- organize a space for all my application crap

The Article
- print it and look at comments
- make preliminary list and see if I can start fixing things
- email someone on committee to meet and look over it for suggestions?
- pick another journal and look at their articles

The R&R
- waiting (see above)
-still could meet with someone on committee with it again
- I have three or four books that just came out I need to get and work into the article

Of course, my notes from an earlier to-do list state that I should be working up a book proposal to meet with Advisor about (ohmigod!), that I have a conference coming up in the medium-future, and there’s always looking out for future conference stuff too. Ugh.

So, there we go. I have plenty to do. Problem is, I just don’t want to do it. Some of these are more do-able and have earlier deadlines than others, but I looked at the abstract/acknowledgements earlier this morning and just can not get myself to work on them. I think I’ll start cleaning out the cubicle/office; that’s not the same type of brain work and it will ease me back into the idea of thinking and working… I hope.

Wish me luck! Ooh, and tell everyone I emailed or gave chapters to to get back to me already!


negativecapability said...

The advice they gave in my dept. was always include (whether they ask for it or not) an abstract of your major project. If it's within one year of degree, diss. abstract. Beyond that, the same thing, only call it a book abstract. They recommended two single spaced pages, with a brief overall paragraph and a paragraph for each chapter. Worked for me.

Dr. Crazy said...

I'm with Negative Capability that you should include your diss abstract. I'm not sure it needs to be as long as two full pages - I think mine was closer to one page - but you're so recently finished that including it still makes sense.

Sisyphus said...

Great, thanks ---- and do I keep the current title "dissertation abstract" on it, or do I re-title it as a "book manuscript abstract"?

negativecapability said...

On mine, I didn't have either -- the title was just the tile of the project, and in the header I put "NegCap, Abstract, Page#). Although in the letter, at the very end where I listed my contact info and everything I had included in the package, I said something like, "I have also included an abstract of my dissertation project."

So I suppose you could say "I have included an abstract of my current book project." Or even say dissertation abstract, since you just finished, and you probably talk about your plans for the diss. in the letter.

Maude said...

mine's completely unrelated to the diss--you didn't like Tropic Thunder?? i laughed so hard i was in tears. maybe i have bad taste.