Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm so far behind I'm ahead

Oh wait --- no, no that only works as a funny proverb. Dammit. I am so overwhelmed right now.


SEK said...

I've already been hired by three places I didn't even apply to ... and they're paying be concurrently, like I'm OJ, except with money instead of jail time ... and I just won a million billion dollars from W. via the big bail-out ...

... and did you know it's possible to dream and type at the same time? Because it is! It really is! Now, if only we could get one of those Wim Wender Until the End of the World reality-from-dreams devices, we'd be set!

Unknown said...

I'm so behind that I've just been accepted into my graduate program. I look forward to years of classes, taking my qualifying exams, and then--after a few years of thrashing around--settling on a topic, which I'll fashion into a crappy dissertation draft right about the end of Sarah Palin's second term.(Man, I'm not sure what part of that sentence was scariest.)

Hang in there!