Sunday, October 12, 2008

Incontrovertible Proof...

two separate quizzes claim I'm a Joan! Someone bring me my mink; I'm off to the casino to beat my arch nemesis at craps. Ignore the comment about being dangerous to my leading man, honey, and freshen up my drink. Or I'll cut you.

Your result for The Classic Dames Test...

Joan Crawford

You scored 40% grit, 29% wit, 19% flair, and 24% class!

You are one tough dame, as tough as they come. You've had to fight long and hard to get where you are, but you always knew you'd do whatever you had to do to get ahead. You aren't above committing crimes (or seducing others to do them for you) to get what you want. You want to be happy and comfortable, but you usually always manage to get the fuzzy end of the lollipop. Even your kids are usually against you. Your leading men include anyone you set your sights on, even married guys that are never seen on-screen. Watch your back.

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Classic Leading Man Test.

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Dr. Crazy said...

Ah, I got Bette Davis for the first and Rosalind Russell for the second. A good showing, all in all, I believe, but no incontrovertible proof :)

Sisyphus said...

Now, Barbara Stanwyck would be the ideal I aim to live up to. But Bette Davis is damn good too.

Susan said...

Who knew? I was Katherine Hepburn both times (7% grit, 24% wit, 48% flair, and 29% class)
Not quite how I see myself, but interesting.