Monday, October 27, 2008

Not the InaDWriMo!!!!!

Airgh. You know I'm a compulsive joiner and overachiever, that my insane competitiveness is only matched by my ability to procrastinate on what I really need to be doing (as witness this evening), so you know that I really truly deeply Cog-ly feel the need to join in on this year's InaDWriMo competition. (Hosted by the inimitable Brazen Hussy.)

Not only is it a competition, but there are cool buttons to commemorate it and to mark your word counts. I love me some buttons! (see right side of blog for my cool buttons and this year's job tally.) Plus, I did it last year and there is something to be said for upholding a tradition.

But... what the hell would I write? I don't have a dissertation rolling back down the hill at me. In fact, I'm sorta at a loss.

Well, not a loss precisely. But while I'm buried under all these frakkin job applications and my R&R, both of these are due, like, immediately and not really over November. Or at least, I need to get all my apps out and over with and the same with that article. Hmm.

Soooo... should I start some sort of new project? But since I don't have any irons in the fire, I'd really be back at reading deeply of things, which isn't really conducive to the whole InaDWriMo structure.

Should I just lay back and relax for a while? I've been feelin' kinda burnt out on academia lately, which I think has been part of the reason I'm totally blocked on that article. But, but ... then I'd be walking away from a challenge! Who can do that? splutter, splutter! I'm not really me if I'm not totally overdoing things!

Whaddaya think? Should I InaDWriMo an article? Should I hang out for a month and have my own private Idaho InaDWriMo in December? Should I chuck it all and become a yak herder in Mongolia or possibly a political lobbyist? (For yak rights, naturlich.) Or should I head out now for chocolate as there is none in the house and I'm really jonesing for some good hot chocolate? The answer to that one, my friends, is always yes. Yes indeedy yes.


Belle said...

Hell yes you should join it. I mean, what the heck else can a Cog do?

Do not be tempted to abandon all for the yaks; we would miss you Cog! You could work on an ode to chocolate - face it, such a thing is long overdue.

Bardiac said...

I think you should get some hot chocolate regardless. And you'll need a big supply if you go heard yaks, because it's cold in Mongolia, I think.

If you need more to do, I'd be happy to overnight you some grading.

azoresdog said...

How about 30 job applications in 30 days?

Anonymous said...

Write something non-academic-y just because you can, because you don't have a diss or article or book hanging over your head -- for once ... seriously, enjoy the brief respite, cause it'll never come again. Write a fantasy novel or a romance novel or some porn or the memoir of a tortured graduate student or whatever ...