Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wedding Bells

I'm off to marry off a cousin or two. (not the cousin who just bought a house that I want to steal from him; the other cousin) I have not met the bride before this, and, um, well ... ok, let's be nice and not say anything bad. Just that she does not look like I quite expected. I have to think a bit more about my cousin who I thought was so nice and sweet and down to earth.

And, WTF? Bloglines is down? I am suffering here, suffering the lack of free internet access (hooray for Paneras!), and when I finally get in contact to the sweet sweet drug of wi-fi, there are no blog posties to read? Grr.

So, who knows if I'll keep up with things. I may, I may not. I have access to television again, which means I am simultaneously in culture shock, entranced, and completely bored by it. Why is there nothing on? Not even some car-wreck of a drama show that I can't bear to watch or tear myself away from? Ah well. Will update with real news later. Toodles!

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