Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yesterday I went to pilates; it was fine. Today I went to a yoga class my place offers, a "gentle flow yoga" class that happens once a week, and it's the only yoga at the pilates place. In the past, it has been a stretching class way below any sort of "pre-yoga" and that was fine with me. As in, most of the women who take it are older and have mobility problems and so the class is more about assisted stretching than any sort of real yoga poses or moves. Frankly that was just about my speed, considering how unflexible I am and how bad my balance is.

But today she did actual yoga! I think. We did "vinyasas" which we never had before and we moved constantly from one pose to another instead of just sitting there holding them for a long time and we did all sorts of splits and stand-on-your-head type stuff. And it was fun, felt relaxing and all that, but when I got home and had dinner I sat down on the couch for a bit and discovered I had dropped off, just like that, sitting up. And now that I have actually gotten up after a couple hours I can tell you I'm wiped and am about to go to bed for real.

Heh. Yes, those elderly retirees with the hip replacements and the canes have totally kicked my butt. Luckily I have no shame.


André Dias said...

And, despite all the nicknames one comes up to protect the secret identity, with the coming transparency of this millieu, shame will be a sentiment hard to keep.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I've been practicing yoga for many years now but take classes with and folks much older than me -- including some of my teachers! -- who can do the most unbelievable things with their bodies. It gives me some hope for the future -- maybe getting older isn't all that bad? If I can still do a headstand when I'm 75 like some of the yogis I've seen, it would be great!

Sisyphus said...

Oh, bitternsweet, I am no yogi! I am not even worthy of standing in the same room as a yogi! Particularly if that means I should be balancing on only one leg.