Friday, April 24, 2009

MMAP Update April 24: A Little Revision is a Dangerous Thing

Aha! Yay! Worked from 9 to noon today! Boo-yah! Then I required a nap to recover. And I went back and fiddled with some stuff a little more, so if I can make myself do it, I'll go type in those changes tonight as well.

I would like to say that overall it's really good progress and I am very close, but when I went and started to look over the whole essay I saw that there were still a lot of bolded sections and the beginning, which I have been ignoring, still looks really bad. So, eek! Stop looking, stop looking! Tunnel vision is all that gets me through a major project: just look at one paragraph at a time. Baby steps, baby steps.

In other news, I need to be careful of having all my rental videos be documentaries at once --- I have a bunch of what promises to be some very depressing, overwhelming, or guilt-inducing shows, with no mindless fluff or comic relief in the house. That means my pile will just sit there and stagnate as I have to actually watch one of them to send 'em back and get some lighter fare. Ah well. Off to watch something about the imminent destruction of the world, I guess!

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Anonymous said...

I have problems switching to the tunnel vision mode- I regularly wonder how the sentence/paragraph I am just writing fits into the whole picture.