Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There's always one more thing...

Oooog, I am so ready to be done. Proofread? Check. Triple-proofread? Check. Gone over the journal's style guidelines? Check. Fixed all the damn footnotes? Check. Checked up on the bibliography? Check. Assembled the drawings and captions and gathered up all the permissions info? Sigh... check. Let's get it out already! My eyes will start to bleed if they have to look at this damn essay one more time!

Ok, write up the little cover letter.... no problem, it's basically a formality. (Hurry up!) Go to the website thingy ... log in ... no, create a log in ... find the right page ... (Arrrrgh hurry!) ... click on the right checkboxes... Ugh. Abstract. An abstract?

I want nothing more than to cut this albatross from my neck and now you want me to write a goddamn abstract for it?


Now you've done it, you made my eyes bleed. Somebody got a napkin they can hand me?

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Digger said...

Only 250 more words! Gogogo!!!