Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am stupendous and magnificent!

If you don't believe me, click here and see the comments. :-)

In other news, yesterday I went into the library and, after chasing around a bit jumping through some administrative hoops, I worked. If you count the time I spent enticing administrators to do things for me (both necessary to get my work done and a vital academic skill in general), I put in an entire 9-5, office-life-style workday, minus a nap. It felt weird, btw, as it always does, to come in with rush hour and leave at rush hour and feel like I am in a "regular" clock-punching type job.

Today however, I am very tired and sluggish. And I have yet to do any work. I don't know if it's the heat or that I slept badly for some other reason or it's because in spin class today they made us do an "endurance ride" and I am just wiped out from trying to lower my heart rate while exerting myself, but I am very sleepy and unable to concentrate. In fact, I haven't even tried to concentrate yet today. Heh. I can barely read the paper this morning or a blog post, that's what I'm talking about with concentrating. Oh, and because of the heat and inertia I haven't had coffee today, only cokes, so I'm sure the difference in caffeine levels is a contributing factor.

I could take a nap, or I could load up on caffeine, but I'm trying to be careful and not reset my sleep patterns which are so delicate and hard for me to keep under control. So, no more caffeine or naps at this point: I want to make sure I am tired and sleepy tonight and this means I'm kinda sitting here in a fog this afternoon.

So I think I'm just giving myself the day off and I hope that after a good night's sleep and no spin class I will be able to go in and really make progress on my article tomorrow. Unless I can think of something mindless like photocopying I could do right now ... I'm drawing a blank. Ah well.


Totally unrelated, I have discovered that I have ---- well, ok, first of all I realized that I have only had ice cream once this entire summer, due to my attempt at a diet. And have I lost any weight? No! So screw it --- anyone who remembers previous summers on this blog knows that I love food and I love walking around town and then getting ice cream of an evening.

So, the other night, that's what I did. And I was one of those annoying people who asks for little sample tastes of 8 zillion different flavors --- I swear there was not a line behind me, though. I'm not that bad. But while the lemon and blueberry crisp and French strawberry and bananas foster flavors all were rich and delicious, I didn't want them. Turns out I have a flavor rule when it comes to ice cream: fruit flavors must be eaten during the day, in sunlight, and only when it is extremely hot, whereas chocolate-based flavors or chocolate chip mint are officially "year-round" flavors that can be eaten when it is cold or at night. I had no clue I had formed an entire ice cream philosophy, but there it is!

I had the mint chip, btw.


Bardiac said...

If you go out for a walk, then you're using the ice cream calories anyway, right? That's what I tell myself...

Sometimes after a ride of even just an hour or two, I just want to nap. It's supposed to be all energizing, and sometimes it is, but sometimes I just want to nap. Why is that?

Do you spin with a heart monitor? I bet that can be interesting.

kfluff said...

Ok, this is firmly in the TMI category: the only, and I mean ONLY thing that keeps me from eating ice cream daily is a wicked lactose intolerance problem, the major symptom of which I affectionately call "basketball stomach." As in, literally, it looks like I have one under my shirt within an hour of eating yummy yummy ice cream. The moral of this story? If you CAN eat it, you should. Do it for me. In solidarity.

Sisyphus said...

Hey Fluff, I have that too! Oh wait --- you don't mean fat?

I've noticed my body changing over the 8 months or so doing spin regularly --- no weight loss, but the shape of my waist has changed ---- there's less fat along the sides and it has all migrated out to directly in front very high, like I'm pregnant or have a man's style beer gut (before I was just kinda shapeless all around and had no waist). Looks weird. I wish I could burn it off, or store it somewhere I didn't see it so blatantly every time I sat down, or something,

But all this will have no effect on my ice cream consumption, which I am now doing on behalf of KFluff!

Poppy Red said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your ice cream theory.