Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Bullets of It's Hot and I'm Bored

  • It's hot!
  • I'm bored!
  • Actually it may have cooled off outside but I don't feel like doing anything and that includes moving.
  • I should go away from the computer now, especially since it is generating heat, but I can't be bothered to actually do it, only to complain about it.
  • We're on fire again.
  • But only in a more general "state of the state" kind of way rather than an OMG I have to pack the car and the cats and run for the hills (or maybe away from the hills) kind of way.
  • My philosophy is: if it is more than 10 miles away and not located in a canyon that is directly pointed at me, then fuck it. I ain't movin'.
  • West Covina? Who would even miss it?
  • In other news, I think I should call the landlord about the window screens, as they seem to all have large holes in them that let in the gnats.
  • At least my cats are happy about that.
  • However.
  • The landlord still hasn't called back or done anything about my last maintenance request.
  • Did I tell you about that one?
  • When Cool Scientist Friend was here, one morning I opened a cabinet door and it came right off the hinges and landed on my head.
  • The crazy thing was that both of us saw it fall in super slow motion. That made it possible for me to move my arm and block it. But it seemed very strange and dreamlike.
  • Like those dreams where you are running away from something but your legs only move in slow motion, like through invisible jelly.
  • I hate those types of dreams.
  • Also, I drank an extra iced coffee yesterday afternoon.
  • Because it was hot.
  • But then I couldn't sleep.
  • So I don't want to go to bed now, although I am exhausted, because I would like to have a semi-normal sleep schedule. Please.
  • Oh, and you know what's crazy?
  • Besides the fact that the summer is over and the MLA job list is coming out so damn soon?
  • (If it comes out with any jobs on it. The MLA ______ list would be a depressing, and I'm afraid, all-too-likely, situation to encounter.)
  • Craziness is looking at the Penn call for papers site and seeing a bunch of calls for next year's MLA panels up already.
  • People!
  • I cannot plan that far ahead.
  • Not when I am unemployed,
  • and it is too hot to move.

1 comment:

Belle said...

Lets the gnats in and the cats out? Landlords can be sucky. Hot is something I understand. Ohboy, do I understand that! We're having a cool-down, which is amazing and wonderful and delightful and toooooo short lived.

Stay cool. Drink water vs coffee. Caffeine doesn't cool you down, does it?