Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Visit Update 1

Cool Scientist Friend is here. Yay! Unfortunately I had forgotten about the effect of the time difference and a long drive, so she crashed on my couch at about quarter to ten. That left me trapped in my bedroom (with terrified cats), wide awake and nothing to do. (Oh, we did manage to have a lovely dinner of Mexican food out and a nice long talk. Now she is packing up her old office and prepping her stuff for her defense. I'm in the library, doing my usual work.)

So, since I had to be quiet, I grabbed a book off my huge stack of books-I-bought-compulsively-in-a-bookstore-and-now-have-way-too-many-to-ever-catch-up. I'm about halfway through Toni Morrison's Paradise right now and I have to say I am totally rocked. I am always so confused and lost, in a good way, when I read Morrison. She has such a gift for making you think you are figuring out what is going on, then dropping some more details that leave you trying to figure out the actual situation and totally loving the suspense. I know I'm going to have to turn it over the moment I hit the last page and start reading it again so that I can actually put all the pieces together. That's such a great feeling. For some reason it reminds me of In Cold Blood, which I think I read last summer.

Anyway, back to my actual work reading ancilliary stuff for my article. It does not have the same engrossing qualities as Morrison, I must say. :-)


Tree of Knowledge said...

_Paradise_ is the one Morrison book I like. It's not that her others aren't good, it's that I can't read them again. They're too much.

Bardiac said...

I listened to Paradise on tape; Morrison is always hard for me to follow on tape, but oh so poetic in her prose at times! So evocative :)

Hope you;re enjoying it.