Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Case of the Missing Mice Grows More Mysterious

Today I finally got around to cleaning stuff and vacuuming everywhere. (and did some yesterday, too.)

I am surprised: I looked under the bed. I moved the sofa. I peeked under the fridge and stove.

Where are the catnip mice?

Hmm ---- If I got more, would they stick around or would they escape to where the others are and start breeding?

Would I be kept up at night by the sounds of catnip mice rustling in the walls and skittering up and down the piping?

Maybe I need to buy some giant catnip mice, too big to be shoved under whatever hiding place the others have gotten to.

Of course, I don't know if the cats would be able to play with toys as big as them. And considering they'd be full of catnip, they might have some really bad trips. ("Duuuude, that mouse is huuuuuge! OMG, I think it moved!" - "No way! Whoah!")

Just say no, kitties.


Dr. Crazy said...

Note to Sis:

the favorite toy of both the Man-Kitty and Mr. Stripey (pictures forthcoming of them playing with it on my blog someday) could seriously be considered furniture (at least if we're regarding it in terms of normal cat sizes):

They LOVE this thing (which is like 2 feet by 1 foot), with a love that is pure and true. (The downside is that I caught Man-Kitty, neutered, humping Mr. Stripey as he laid happily in the S-curve the other night. I was shocked. I said, "Man-Kitty?!!!" and they both looked at me like, "What up, Mama? This is how we roll." I guess we know who's the top in their relationship, but I so wish they'd kept that info private :) )

Bavardess said...

I'm having flashbacks to Cheech & Chong movies. Catnip rats, maybe?