Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi! *looks around suspiciously*

So I'm in the Peets by my mom and dad's house, blogging. This is just not working. There are people all around me. There's this table of very fierce looking middle aged Asian Amercian ladies near me, and they keep stopping talking to look over at me, and then go back to talking while glancing significantly over at me. I don't know if they're speaking Cantonese or Mandarin, but I'm pretty sure I'm being discussed. It makes it very hard to post things around here --- as if this were a secret spy identity or something illegal or horrible instead of a slightly silly internet hobby.

I came here to upload some pictures for you since they are on the laptop and I can't connect the laptop to the internet at my parents' house --- they do not believe in wireless, so I have to go into my dad's bedroom, when he is not there or sleeping or wanting to futz around on the computer himself --- and when he is not interested in pestering me or teasing me or reading over my shoulder, which really intereres with blogging --- if I want to use the internet at home. But uploading pics at the Peets is just not working, either. And this place is crowded and I can't get a seat in a corner somewhere where people can't see my screen. So I will post my pictures and various updates and things in a little bit when I go back home and collect my cats.

Instead I am going to go shopping today!

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Bardiac said...

PEETS! /drool

I hope you find some privacy for uploading and blogging soon.