Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Liberty Fabric comes to Target

Completely completely random post: some web site I read announced that Liberty of London, a famous fabric print company, is partnering with Target to bring some of their fabrics into Target's wares. They have such cool, loud, bright colored patterns and I quite love them even though most of them are florals and I don't do florals.

See, aren't they cute? I even love that bright magenta pattern, although it is amazingly loud in the actual product pictures.

Unfortunately, although they have several bedspread prints, I don't like any of them. Hey Target, are you listening? Either that blue print or the middle, peacock-esque print would look really cool as a bedding set instead of putting it on cheap melamine mugs.

I have enough mugs, thank you. Many cute ones. What I am lacking, I have just discovered, is a teal-and-metallic gold peacock feather print bedspread. Please remedy this immediately.

Ooh, I'd do up all sorts of gold accessories with a bedspread like that, and some (as long as we're fantasizing) dark honey-gold or brown furniture!


Colleen said...

Have you gone into a Target store or just looked online? I recall seeing a peacock quilt and accent pillows at one of my stores.

Meansomething said...

Mmm, peacock feathers.

Sent you an email earlier today--just commenting here to make sure you saw it.

Sisyphus said...

Really? Hmm. Online they just have the black-and-white quilts.

I may have to make a pilgrimage.

Colleen said...

I think a lot of the merchandise wasn't put online in order to trigger more impulse buying in the store. There's a nice selection of stationary and office supplies that I would grab if I wasn't so well stocked.

Belle said...

I was there the other day, and they have the peacock print in a long dress too. Not nearly as pretty as the pic on screen though.