Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Looooong Day

Bleah. I've already been up for a really long time, getting stuff done in time for all my jobs and things. And it's not even noon. Now I have some down time, but then I'll have to go off to another job late this afternoon, and I am already tired and grumpy.

I should be looking for jobs/applying to them/making to-do lists and career schemes, but as I said, I am tired and grumpy and don't feel like doing anything. Meh! I keep logging in to some job websites to check on the status of my applications. If the nonacademic world moves so much faster, why hasn't anyone moved my job apps from "submitted" to "processing" yet? *Pouts.*

I don't really have anything else to say. I should go off and do something now. I am going to be so glad when I go down to being practically unemployed in a few weeks. Well, that will only be relaxing for a short time before the anxiety gets overwhelming, what with the lack of a paycheck and all, but I need a rest and some time to pump out some more job apps. (Or get some freakin callbacks already!)

And go read this for an accurate feel for the inside of my brain lately. Except I can't have alcohol with this stomach medication. Double, triple meh, I say!

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