Monday, March 29, 2010

Things you don't want to hear at the vet...

"Oh dear, I've expressed your cat's anal gland juices all over your purse."


My silly and annoying little cat has been "scooting" his butt on my carpet intermittently for the past few days. Also yecch! When I called the office, they said, have you seen worms in his feces?" Ewwww, no: yecchh! So I made an appointment to bring him in and have the vet deal with him.

Luckily, or perhaps strangely, nothing was wrong --- no redness, no infection, no mites or worms or fleas. And she said he was "full," but not "impacted," so he might have solved or partially solved whatever was bothering him on his own with the scooting. Scooting, yecch!

Oh, he meowed and meowed when we were in the waiting room this morning. At least the vet showered him with the luvs while we were there (not that poor little Loquito was happy about it ---- many other unpleasant things happened in there!).The vet cooed about how big and heavy he was, but not at all fat, and said many things in a silly voice about his cuteness, his adorable soft coat, and how she would just take him home herownself if she had half a chance. Heh. And hey, since nobody was prodding at my butt, I thought it was a good visit.

I read on the internet, though, that in older cats this becomes a problem and sometimes you have to take the cat in to the vet regularly to be "expressed" or learn how to do it at home. Yecch! Listen, Mr: you can just express yourself as far as I'm concerned! And you better start looking for a job too, if you're going to need extra vet visits regularly --- to say nothing of paying to have the carpet cleaned occasionally!

Speaking of looking for jobs, I have uploaded/sent/emailed about 6 jobs, so I'm now going to celebrate by folding my laundry and taking a nap. Who knows, maybe I'll have a bidding war over me by the time I wake up. Or at the very least, I can awaken with the knowledge that my cat isn't swabbing his but all over everything.


Anonymous said...

My big 7 year old Maine Coon cat does that every once in a while, too, alas. We respond by shaving his butt (sometimes it's a knotted hair thing) and giving him hairball medicine which helps with 'expressing';-)

Phul Devi said...

Your vet sounds wonderful!
Could it be related to diet and/or lack of water-drinking? My FeralCat sometimes has "expression" problems with urine, not poo, and I was told he likely did not drink enough. And it's true, he seldom goes to the water bowl. So now, I mix some water into his wet food, or give him tuna water once in a while. You also can buy something fishy, like clam juice or even use seafood bouillon.

Dr. Crazy said...

This started happening to BFF's cat when she (the cat, not BFF!) turned about 8. It is disgusting, but it's not a major health concern, and at least in the case of BFF's cat, it's not like she needs to have the anal glands expressed regularly - I'd say it's pretty much just at regular annual check-up visits that they do it, since the first time.

As far as I know from BFF's researches when this happened to her cat, it's just something that some cats have an issue with.

Poppy Red said...

I guess it's not the same thing (or is it?), but my cat gets severely constipated on a fairly regular basis. We used to have to take her to the vet for an enema. :-( One problem is that the vet felt she wasn't getting enough moisture or fiber. This probably isn't a problem with your cat, since I've never met a cat that did this, but mine absolutely will not eat wet food. Weird, right? Even weirder? The vet suggested a Tbsp a day of canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, just pumpkin), and she LOVES it.

moria said...

oh, my gods, sisyphus! some of us are innocently opening our google reader while chomping into a delicious bagel (the first thing some of us have eaten in more than 24 hours)! trigger warnings! trigger warnings!

that said, i'm sorry your kitty is feeling, um, poopy. i can't read the rest of this entry (cf. above, bagel), but i hope he's okay.

Sisyphus said...

Mwhahahaha! Want a schmear for that bagel, Moria?