Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I packed my books today.

Except for a little stack of "to read" by my bedside. And the random books under the cookbooks in the kitchen. And the few shelved in the bedroom. And the journal issues shelved behind the CDs. And that whole shelf or two on the other bookcase----- aigghhh!

Ok, fine. I packed one bookcase worth of books today? I packed most of my books today? Dammit, don't make me start counting percentages! I thought I had made a lot of progress.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to cleaning that enormous pile of dishes and all the crap in the kitchen, and then cooking humongous piles of food. Then, the following day I can go back to packing. No rush, no news and no need to be packing yet. But I am easing my way along and will be nice and ready should I, say, need to move off somewhere at a moment's notice.

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kermitthefrog said...

hey, easy is how packing should be! You might have to hit the drugstore for that special book-removal solvent, though.