Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shopping --- Etsy edition

I went shopping today. But the shopping was boring. For some reason, I was in the mood for even more shopping when I got home, and ran out of online places to look, so I'm browsing etsy right now. I never do that for some reason.

I noticed that my years of working on my squeamishness about standing out, shoe-wise, have finally paid off. In the store I kept picking up plain black "basic" shoes that are wardrobe staples and thinking "bleah! I will not go back to plain and boring shoes!" Now going for weird patterns and colors in shoes means that it is harder to coordinate with bags and stuff, and that I need more shoes to match outfit colors (oh darn!), and I have to work on my willingness to mix odd patterns or colors between the outfit and the shoes, but I think all of that is worth it. I get tons more shoe complements these days, and hardly ever get actual complements on my safe, boring, simple clothing.

I noticed that other people at my work (my old work) often dress in such a boring way that it is a snoozefest: dull blue jeans with a t-shirt that is almost the same color, for example. And I also notice that you usually see people from about 10-15 feet away and get a whole sense of the outfit, but I almost never look/think along those lines when getting dressed. All of this is a lengthy way of saying that I might be ready to experiment with --- gasp! --- patterns and ruffles and embellishments on my clothing once again.

Seriously, I have a uniform of a bright-colored t-shirt and jeans. At least now I have funky shoes to wear with the boring-ness. I feel I should work on this. However, it's tough ---- I have various body-shape hangups (don't we all) and patterns often mess up my height or emphasize places I am a little chubby. I have a huge thing about putting words or patterns or, god forbid, ruffles across my chest, for example. Don't want people staring there any more than they do already! And all-over patterns often make my little potbelly into a full-on pregnancy look. (Yes, I have been getting the "when are you due" question since I was a teenager --- I am a reverse-hourglass figure, if you can visualize that. Very annoying.)

Anywhoo, I love fashion and have quite the eye for it. I just like looking at interesting and experimental stuff way more than wearing it. Besides, I have no money. (or job.) But I just bought a couple (gasp!) simple patterned things on etsy, and now I am going to post here some of the stuff I love but won't buy. At least not at the moment. (If you're interested in sponsoring a cog's fashion experiments, I can get you an address to ship to, heh.) :D Or, you can buy the stuff for yourself and I will feel like I have helped support a designer I admire.

All of the stuff at cotylee's shop is gorgeous, and has really interesting construction, while still looking like something I could actually wear. Remind me to check back at this place frequently.

Zoe Chen has simple and cute graphic skirts and dresses. I like this one and the umbrella one best, but I'm not so much a dress person --- especially when I don't have to go in to work right now.

Michelle Rose
has lots of lovely floral pattern skirts, some of which I may actually end up getting. But I love love this stretchy mod knit dress. However, stretchy horizontal zig zags will never work on me, so I will just love it from afar.

I also like this dress by blackrabbitNYC, but, again, could I do a big horizontal block waistband?
Here's another one that I love the cut on and love to look at. Not actually interested in a coat when it's 90 out today, but still.

I actually ordered a couple things! Ok, they were t-shirts. But they have a pattern on them! (and 20 bucks is better on my budget than 75 or 100). There was a cool custom made drapey shirt that I love, but can't find anymore. And it was around 75, so I can't afford it. But it was way more interesting and cool than your standard t-shirt.

Which ones do you like? Any favorite sellers you want to point me to? Other comments, or suggestions of someplace else to shop?


Anonymous said...

i too have a potbelly, glad i'm not the only one. i always gain extra weight there too. i have recently found high waited things to be good, as then it flows over my "bump" and is less noticeable i hope. also, that coat, i LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I think the block waistband would be flattering.

Susan said...

I think that yellow wrap dress is gorgeous (though I'd look terrible in the color) -- and according to Stacey and Clinton, high waists tend to be flattering because that tends to be our skinniest point. So the wrap dress would be very very flattering.

English Adjunct said...

I love that first jacket and the yellow wrap dress is beautiful! I was going to say the same thing as Susan-that dress would be flattering becaus of the high waist and waistband that would hit you at your smallest part. Gorgeous!

Sisyphus said...

No, no, right under my boobs is the _widest_ point of my body --- think of a woman who carries her pregnancy very high, or a guy's beer gut.

Empire waists just call more attention to the above-bellybutton part of the potbelly. The below-bellybutton potbelly is relatively small, comparatively speaking.

The only way I've managed tight waist stuff has been to literally corset myself in with a stiff wide belt. But then the wide horizontal line makes my short torso look even shorter. Sigh. Maybe I should stick to those burlap monk robes.

Dr. Koshary said...

Be serious -- NO ONE looks good in horizontal zigzag stripes. That model looks like she was attacked with gift wrap.

kfluff said...

OK, as the owner of a gut, let me introduce you to my best friend, Scarfy. Scarfy can be found in colors and patterns, worn over t-shirts and jeans, and pulls the attention to up to your face, and hides the gut. I am so all about Scarfy, I can't even tell you.

And now I'm off to spend a million dollars on Etsy.

Anonymous said...

These pictures, and knowing I can actually afford some of these items, makes me want to LOSE THAT POST-PREGNANCY/HYPOTHYROID WEIGHT SO FUCKING BADLY NOW.

Thanks :-)

Sisyphus said...


Kfluff, I know all about Scarfy, esp. worn with an open jacket that has vertical seaming, but it is hot and summery here! Plus, how do you get the scarf to stay in place when you are running all about?

Anonymous said...

Etsy is one of my FAVE places to windowshop. So very, very cool. Just wanted to say love your picks.

kfluff said...

Hot and summery here too, S. I opt for light scarf---linen, silk, and when desperate, tank top (operating under the delusion that scarfy distracts from bulbous upper arms as well). And I do a loose loop with dangling ends---that seems to hold it in place.

Lauren said...

Been reading your blog on & off for a the fashion! :)