Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Third time with bookcases is NOT the charm

You know, doctoral candidates are supposed to be smart, problem-solver types. And bookcases are known to be large and heavy. If someone is advertising large bookcases for sale incredibly cheap, you would think this was because the seller did not want the hassle and expense of hauling them away or moving them.

That said, would you think that any of these graduate students would think to measure a) their apartment entrances, b) their cars, and c) bring someone along to help them carry said bookcases? If so, you would be sadly mistaken! Not only have I emailed the measurements of these bookshelves out to all interested parties multiple times, I have had to loan them my tape measure and help them re-measure the bookcases and car openings. And had to point out that you need to measure the inside of the car opening and not the actual width of the car itself, as that means jack shit for the actual bookcase-insertion process.

So the final tally is: five prospective bookcase-buyers, one bookcase gone. Geez! The way they got snapped up instantly by email, you'd think they'd be picked up the very next day and they'd all be gone by now.

Ah well. I've got nothing but time in this process. Moving does suck, doesn't it? I can't figure out which of the three guys here is me. Maybe all of them at once.

"I don't want to go on the cart!" Ah, moving. Good times.

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