Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Answer my questions, oh Internets!

I've unpacked a lot of things and can't find some stuff. Like my shower curtain rings. Seriously, where are they? Anybody have any idea? I've been taking baths and running my hair under the bath tap to avoid showering the entire bathroom with water. I remember taking them down right after I folded the shower curtain (which I have found in the laundry basket I packed in the storage cube) and then I packed them away, but where? My sister thought I put it in the toolbox, but they aren't in there. A puzzle.

And sadly, some of my stuff was damaged in transit --- I think the loading was messed up. When they put my desk in, they slid the wardrobe box I packed underneath it. But then they loaded a whole bunch of book-filled boxes on top of the wardrobe box which had nothing but clothes in it, and it crushed. The clothes were fine, but that meant that the boxes didn't stay in a grid; instead they tilted and crushed and slid around and poked into other things. So I flattened and saved almost all the boxes, but are they worth it? Are boxes with crushed corners or sides (I'm tossing any with rips) actually reusable?

Not only that, but I didn't pack a lot of the smaller, weird-shaped stuff, and they just threw it all on top once the piles got over our head height. And some of that sliced open boxes, and some of it got ruined. Sigh. Like the shades of my lamps --- the two floor lamps, and even worse, this shiny brushed-metal fancy desk lamp I really liked. So now the question is, do I toss these lamps? I have some overhead lights so I don't really really need them, but the whole idea of moving and then throwing them away irks me. And the metal desk lamp was really nice and actually cost a fair amount of money. But it has big dings in it (rrr!) and a little glass cover for the halogen broke. I don't even know if it works, or how to get the dings out if it does work.

And the cheapy dresser I bought for 10 bucks from Target back when I started grad school smashed. My only regret is that now I've got to get another one.

I need to get a tv stand --- right now the tv is on top of the coffee table --- but I haven't been able to decide what I want yet. And I need to decide whether to save or recycle the tv box. Ideas? For either what I want to put the tv on or whether it's worth it to save the box. I have filled the entire spot where the washer and dryer would go with boxes. I haven't decided about getting a washer dryer yet, but today I went to an unairconditioned laundromat and did four loads (and folded the hot laundry!) in unbearable heat, which certainly caused me to lean toward getting my own. I need to reorganize in there whether or not I get the w/d, and either get rid of some or make sure they are flatter, or maybe move them in the thing where the air cooling unit is ---- except I'm worried about them being a fire hazard then. This is a really disjointed and confusing post, all over the place, right?

Eh, it's how my head has been the past few days ---- lots of rushing about and not getting my to-do lists done and much hauling of heavy boxes here and there. I need to find the recycling drop off place (which may not actually take recycling; I kinda doubt it) and get groceries and then do a bunch more stuff with the rental managers and also do a lot of stuff on campus ---- aigh! That's not even counting the piles of more stuff I need to unpack and haul around and organize and prettify all over the apartment. Busy, busy, busy. I think I originally had some more questions for you, but I don't remember them. Shows how well I write posts while the tv's on.


Psycgirl said...

Sisyphus, did you actually use movers? If so, and they damaged your things, you should be eligible for a refund to replace your damaged things, I would think. I know my movers include insurance in my quote...

Belle said...

Boxes: keep the TV box & packing materials, trash any that have been bent, smashed etc - but only after you've dealt with the insurance people. If you have/had renters, they might cover it as well. With other boxes, break them down into flats to make the most of your space. Get some cheap (very cheap) masking tape to bundle them together so they don't slide all over and get bent. Then cover the floor (a cheapie $1 shower curtain liner is good) before loading the space. In the event of a leak/puddle, your boxes won't be ruined.

Don't toss the lamps - just replace the shades. And don't be afraid to play with plain generic (or secondhand) shades to have something unique and fun. For under $5 you can add embellishments and have something very YOU and yet not so precious or expensive that if you get tired of it you can't change it.

Get new, fun shower curtain rings. Not expensive, easy to play with. Again, hit the dollar store! For the TV stand, find the Salvation Army/secondhand stores and you might stumble onto a real find. Your new colleagues may have stuff they'd be happy to gift you.

Ummm... I've moved a lot. Sorry for the tirade.

Bardiac said...

Unless you paid a lot of money for the boxes, I would toss them. If I recall, you were getting used boxes, and those are pretty widely available, no?

I agree with Psycgirl about checking your moving insurance.

Oh, and I think I saw the shower curtain rods in with the Christmas tree stand.

Musey_Me said...

I bet your shower curtain rings are partying with the lid from my popcorn popper.