Friday, August 27, 2010



I am so organized I am color-coordinated! You all might implode from sheer jealousy at contemplating my powers of organization!

As you can see, I am working with my strengths and weaknesses: I need to have all the stuff for my classes together, but I'm not dedicated enough to file and organize them weekly. I am capable of keeping the sections separate and corralling all the stuff into one discrete pile, though.

So to help me with that, I got some nice big bins. Bins! I am happy. My anthologies and syllabi and scraps of papers and notes to myself are all inside already. And then I decided that since I teach all my classes on the same days, I needed those expandable file folders (the red and blue I owned already) to schlep all the papers to and from the classroom and still keep them distinct. The fact that the green one is not all green and has a pattern offends my sense of symmetry, but we can't have everything in life.

So those are the comp sections. It should be easier to keep track of all the quizzes and papers and whatnot if I only have to look through the ones for that section and not all 75 of 'em. I may even refer to my students as the blue class, the green class, etc. Team Red, anyone?

That means that Evil Class I Know Nothing About mentioned in an earlier post is now the Stripey Class.

Ta da.

It would probably be easier, theoretically, for me to switch over to assigning all work and picking it up over the internet, but I just really hate looking at essays online. I like the feel of paper and the ability to move from chair to couch to floor to outside to a different chair while grading, and when I have done online grading and my usual online reading and various procrastination sites, my eyes get so tired and headachy and dried out. And I'd still have lots of paper floating around because I'm going to do in-class quizzes and work, so I'm just keeping with my usual old methods for the present. Usual old methods with snazzy color-coordination, that is!



Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I get the most god-awful eye strain when I read essays online. I can't stand it. I require my students to turn in an electronic and a paper version, though, so that I can check for plagiarism easily if necessary. But I only use the paper version about 90% of the time. I know some day that we'll probably all accept papers on iPhones or similar devices, but until my eyes become impervious to eye strain, I'm using paper. Sorry trees! I'm selfish like that.

Nice organization, there. Very snazzy!

Belle said...

Oh. Oh. Oh! Come do my office!!! I like Stripey Class vs ECIKNA. Easier to say too.

undine said...

These are nice bins! Also--paper, paper, paper. I hear you on that.

huitzilin said...

I think I've one-upped you. Not only do I now have a color-coordinated office (as opposed to several piles and stacks of papers and other assorted materials last week), but I also have..

...get ready...

...a personal assistant. A trustworthy student who creates labels, files, organizes, files again, treks to the library to pick up my stuff, brings me tea or coffee, and categorizes my paper piles. It is SO worth $10 an hour.

Sisyphus said...

Oooh! How do I get one of those?

I must admit, when the dept. chair emailed that there was some RA money people could apply for if they needed grad students for anything, I was sorely tempted (but I know that's for the tt profs).

I can dream. Til then I can color-coordinate.