Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aiiigh! Difficult Choices

I am so tired. I can't sleep well on the nights before I teach, and then I just kinda drag through the week. It seems there is not enough crappy tv on the tube tonight to rejuvenate me.

Fuck, is it almost time for the JIL to be out? I am so not ready. I don't even want to think about it. I have tons of grading, I haven't worked on any of my research/writing, I haven't even looked at my job materials ---- Aiiigh! I can't face it.

So instead of grading I am sitting here on the couch, with my cats, watching bad tv and making some difficult choices:

You know I've been looking for a while at replacing the black boots that wore out, but between money being tight and not finding what I was really looking for, I haven't done anything.

These luscious little boots also come in a lovely cherry red and in magenta, but I should really spend oodles of money on replacing the black boots (or not on anything at all!) before blowing my cash on fancy color boots.

I can't get the other colors to download, so go look over here on the Boden site.

But then again, there's also these:
And when you see them on a model on the j jill site when she's wearing tights they have this wonderful little slouchy look to them. Yum! Plus I've been looking for a long time for something with some silver hardware to it, but not too much crazy hardware. Voila.

And I also saw these:

Which look delicious in either the brown or the black, and they have a nice low heel which makes them look comfortable.

Sigh. If only I could just buy boots for every day of the week! And wear them while sitting around on the couch with my cats and not have to think about the job market. Mmm --- maybe I could apply for work as a shoeblogger somewhere?


squadratomagico said...

The Bodens. Definitely the Bodens. I love 'em in the black, the heel is super-cute, and you can save up for the magenta (which looks more like plum on my screen... love 'em!)

Have you ever mushed around on They sometimes have good sales; I recently bought a lovely pair of Italian boots in a sagey green, with a low heel and buckles up the side. They have high-quality brands at discounted prices, but you have to luck out to get a specific size sometimes. Highly recommended.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Agreed - the Bodens are best. The second pair is quite cute, but I think scrunchy/slouchy is very trendy and goes in and out of style rather quickly. The first pair (or the third pair, for that matter) would last longer, style-wise. Then you could call it an investment.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

OOoh, I just looked at the other colors. The cherry!! You can never go wrong with red shoes. Or red boots.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

So, yeah - it IS almost time for the JIL to open. I am completely unenthusiastic for a change. I thought I'd get super excited and all that -- get sucked in, you know. But this year, I'm like, "dude, I'm a novelist. Let's query agents. F*** the job market." Because honestly? Me getting a TT job has about the same odds of me finding an agent and selling this book. I know what I'd rather do.

That said, I'll probably still apply for a few jobs. I'm not sure why I am though. Maybe it's just a habit by now. Sigh.

the unknown said...

juz pay ppl to grade for ya.