Saturday, September 25, 2010

Clothing Grumpiness

I am grumpy. Grumpy! I went over to Target today to do some "replacement shopping." I need some more hot-weather teaching clothes and I finally tossed a goldish-khaki-ish skirt that had seen better days. So I need some lighter-colored skirts. There were a bunch of khaki skirts on Target online (this post is probably incredibly boring for you, eh?) but I wanted to actually try them on.

No skirts there. Gah. They had all these cute jackets in colors I like! Greens, rusts, browns ---- both blazer-style and some cool military-style ones. But it is pointless to buy more jackets for my extensive jacket collection when it is still getting into the mid-90s every day! Grumble grumble. Especially when my summer skirt collection is lacking.

They also had some pretty dresses in nice colors, but they looked nicer on the rack than on me.

Obviously this is too unstructured for a short and roly-poly body. It might look ok on someone very tall with a boyish figure, but I am, as someone put it, built along the x-axis rather than the y-axis. Sucks that only the latter is considered hot these days. If I lived back in medieval times people would think my little pot-belly was hot!

Now this one had a lovely ruffled yoke on the top but as soon as I put it on I knew it was wrong. I have trouble wearing button-down shirts and I gave up on full button-down dresses a long time ago. So pretty, but so wrong --- too long, too heavy, too monochromatic. Ah well.

And no work-appropriate tan or khaki skirts! Grr!

I may go back on the Target website but I am irked by them at the moment. And I am being unduly tempted by the lovely (and more expensive) stuff at anthropologie and modcloth. (Must! Stop! Looking!) Unlike shoes, though, buying clothes online is always tough for fit.

Grumble grumble grumble. All I want is lots of extremely beautiful clothing that fits perfectly for cheap ---- is that so much to ask?


Anonymous said...

see, my rolypoly stomach does this to me too with clothes. i have to buy st that fits my stomach but doesnt fit anywhere else and need alterations...annoying

Anonymous said...

I've long since given up on buying clothes at Target. I'm short (5'1") and their clothing is designed for people who are about 5'6". Those were both really cute dresses, and I wonder if the second one could improve by some hemming (around knee length or so). The only thing I see wrong is that it's a big long and drags you down.