Monday, September 13, 2010

Random randoms

I might be building up some stamina; I didn't go home right away and go to bed after teaching. I'm still tired, but I did some paperwork crap and graded a half a section of response papers. The good news is that I have some time to get work done; the bad news is that I have craploads of teaching work to do. And that on top of craploads of job prep and other random stuff too.

Maybe I will be able to go back to the piles of grading and teaching work tonight. I was saying to another postdoc, "you know, I hate that one minute you're all caught up on prep, and then the next minute, class is over and you're back to zero with a huge pile to prep all over again!" Clearly, we need more long weekends.

It's funny; I decided it was nice outside ---- as in, extremely hot and sunny instead of excruciatingly hot and sunny ---- and that I wanted to sit outside and read for a while. So I covered myself liberally with bug spray and went out on the back deck. Remember how I got the natural stuff and I smell like a giant citronella candle? Well, you may also know that cats hate the smell of citrus (good to know if you want to keep cats out of your garden, eh?), and as soon as I sprayed the bug spray on myself, the cats went running away and up the stairs!

I lasted about a half hour out in the sun. Only got three bites, too! Now I am back inside where it is dark and cool. Too shady inside. Uh, because of trees around the place.

You know, NCIS might be as stupid and badly-written a show as Criminal Minds. I wonder how long before I desubscribe the cable. It is much worse having it every day, getting used to it, than binging on tv when I go visit home and then go away to get over the badness of it all.

Ooh! A commercial! For a New Sopranos! Well, a Prohibition-era gangster and cops show! Hmm, it doesn't look like it has enough of the schmoozy partytime stuff I love from that time period. Where was the jazz and the shiny flappy dresses? Hmph. I'll probably try it out anyway. Oh wait --- was that HBO? Dammit, why do I have to pay so much money for all those damn channels I don't like and then have to pay extra for the channels I do want? Sigh.

And now I should go away and contemplate the truly important questions: what shall I have for dinner? Maybe I can even force myself to do some extra work too.

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