Thursday, September 16, 2010

Window Shopping Again

Oh, I totally shouldn't look at web shopping sites for cute little dresses at while watching tv and getting ready for the next Project Runway! I am soooo tempted to get everything! And I have no money. Pooh.

You know what? I was looking at my teaching clothes and noticed that I have lots of patterned skirts, and only solid dresses. Weird. I keep saying that I need to get cute new stuff and push my taste boundaries, and then I don't have money. Ah well.

Like this ---- this I like but would never think, hey, that's me.

Or this ---- also cute to look at and out of my style range:

This blue one I really like. But it is more plain and simple.

And this is also cute, but maybe too low cut and summery:

And this black and white one is soooo cute! I love the detailing! But I don't like to wear white. I will just admire it from afar.

This is another one that I love the look but would never actually wear --- I don't need those cool cutouts anywhere near my hips.

This silver dress is pretty (but with weird cutouts in the back) but too fancy for my life (when do I go out somewhere that would need this?) and I don't like silver ---- not enough of a color for me to wear it all over.

And this gold one has interesting shape and detailing ---- actually I love it ---- but it is too "evening" for me. I don't think I could teach or go get groceries in this.

This little dress, however, I totally could. Might need a belt or other form of cinching undergarment, but it's very cute.

And this one I may break down and buy even though it is the most expensive one on Modcloth --- I love it, love the detailing, and it looks nice and professional (and yet interesting) for teaching.

Finally, this is the first one that caught my eye and I love love love it --- but wonder if I would not wear it very often because the pattern is very bold and loud. Hmm.

Now I am going to watch the show and try to restrain myself from buying everything on the entire internet. Ahhh, yes, the internet has its good sides, but its temptations as well.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

This is what you did instead of looking at the JIL, eh? It was broken anyway. ;)

huitzilin said...

I have to go with the next to last one. You're right. Nice. Professional. Interesting.

I say this as someone whose skirt fell down in front of her class last week. As in "around the ankles." I had a stack of quizzes I was handing back, and when I sensed a problem walking I looked down and was kind of frozen. You know, the deer in headlights thing. At least a dress shouldn't fall down.

Anonymous said...

In a perfect world, I would actually *have* a waistline and I would wear these with confidence.

I love the shopping posts. Love it!

Anonymous said...

ok, so i sort of want all these dresses! links? yah but maybe you shouldn't give them to me. i don't technically need dresses. but i like dresses....