Friday, October 15, 2010

"Holiday" To do list:

- grade 25 student response papers (3)
- grade 25 student response papers (3)
- grade 25 student response papers (3)
- grade 25 student response papers (#4)
- grade 25 student response papers (#4)
- grade 25 student response papers (#4)
- grade 50 lit. midterms
- read and prep for next week's lit class
- make peer review sheet for next week's comp classes
- groceries
- check for more jobs on the JIL
- apply to about 15 job ads already printed out (mostly done)
- get on committee members who didn't update my letters of rec
- send out oodles of letters via Interfolio
- take recycling to center
- can I find time to clean something? damn.
(kicked ass! I've cleaned the entire downstairs --- kitchen, bathroom, and living/dining area, with the exception of that little linoleum spot to wash by the front door. Now if I could only figure out how to keep the cats off my freshly-washed floors. rrr.)
- fix blinds my cats chewed through?
- Thanksgiving plans (inc. find catsitter)
- scribble abstract for conference panel I foolishly volunteered for
- get hardware to mount closet door mirror I bought? (pics to come soon)
- spend time outside

Damn. It's hard out there for a Cog. Always gotta hustle for the rent.

But not right now. I'm gonna have a snack and a beer with the tv on, and maybe even a nap.


Anonymous said...

As for the blinds, when I lived in my apt. I ultimately just gave up and kept the blinds open all the time. Do you have the situation with like 4 or 5 broken blinds right at the head-height of the cat? They probably didn't chew them but rather just pushed them aside with their heads until they busted. If your cats are like mine, they do not respect blinds. Which is why I just don't have them in my house now :)

Sisyphus said...

mm so I think one broke the blinds on the left side trying to see out, but the other chewed through the strings that make the blinds go up and down on the right and now they are hanging by a thread.

They only seem to bother the front window one --- the rest I have up halfway, but I just don't like having the downstairs one right by the parking lot open --- I notice that I tend to leave my laptop downstairs when I leave the house, and also I don't like having the blinds open at night while I watch tv.

But I can definitely put off dealing with it and just complain about it for a while, which is what I'm gonna do! ;)

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I didn't even bother to have my recommenders update my letter this year. They updated in the spring, and nothing much has changed. So whatever.

Can't you feel my utter enthusiasm for this year's search?