Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowed Under --- Oh wait, those are essays

Quick! Before the enormity of my week's to do list completely demoralizes me, some Random Bullets of Crap:
  • Thanksgiving break was great for seeing my family, but kinda hell on me too. I'm not just driving down the coast anymore but spending an entire day each way in airplanes and stuck in airports. I was glad to see everyone, but a little bit wondering if I should have stayed here.
  • On the other hand, I nagged my sis-in-law and she produced not just pumpkin, but mince pies for thanksgiving dinner. Yum! It was awesome. And now I am not allowed to eat anything between now and Christmas or else I'll explode all my clothes.
  • I did not grade while at the parents' house. Well I think I graded 3 essays. But I redeemed myself by grading 20 essays on the day I flew back! Whoo-hoo! Almost caught up to where I should have been Saturday! But then jet lag kicked in and I spent a long time today napping.
  • Another benefit of the break was that I had no clear idea what to get my family members for Christmas, and now I have, not only a list, but almost all of the presents ordered. Happy Cyber Monday, everyone! I have also spent this evening balancing my checkbook and doing bills, and I am not allowed to look at or buy anything again, ever. Or at least not until Christmas. Ah well.
  • In really really random news, I watch that show "Bones" occasionally --- I don't love it, but I can't seem to find anything but crap on in the evening, and I like to have something on while surfing around and doing my bills etc. Anyway, I am strangely fascinated by the lead actress's necklaces, so much so that sometimes I look them up on line to see if any are available. As far s I can tell, they are not, not directly. But, I found other people who like the necklaces! Check this out:

Watching those stills, I was struck by how emaciated she looks, which doesn't really sink in while watching the moving images. Seriously, her jaw is huge and square! You don't get that sharp and square of a jawline on women without losing all of the fat elsewhere on their body first. Maybe that's why there's so much emphasis on her jackets and she is so covered up. Anyway, find me somewhere I can get some of those cool jasper or turquoise necklaces with the big chunky pendants! Oh wait. But not until the new year, when I'll actually have some money.


Shane in SLC said...

I haven't been home for Thanksgiving since I left for college 21 years ago--the break is too short and too close to Christmas, and it's not my favorite holiday anyway. I've always enjoyed just catching up on sleep and grading and TV viewing...

P said...

Dr. Temperance also looks pissed off in most of these pictures. I've never watched the show, but now i'm curious about those necklaces. Seems like the show wants to accentuate her boniness, no pun intended, because the necklaces call attention to her skeletal upper body.

Also, is she Zoe Deschanel's sister?

Sisyphus said...

Shane, aren't you from really far away and also a place that's not so big into Thanksgiving? That would make sense then.

P (pee? sorry) --- Well, she is always finding bodies and conducting murder investigations --- wouldn't you look grumpy? I have a love/hate relationship with that show because she is supposed to be a brainy anthropologist (hence the ethnic style necklaces) but lacking in social and emotional skills. So of course their definition of "smart and skilled in science" has to go with the emotional skills of a 6 year old and she is constantly asking the most basic questions about how modern Americans act that any kid already knows about. Which is silly if she actually studied *anthropology,* hello!!