Monday, January 24, 2011

Aww hells yeah

You might think this is going to be the story of how, when you see something online or in the store and you really like it, you should buy it right away, because the moral of that story is if you wait for it to go on sale it will sell out or at least sell out in your size, but no! The moral of this story is that when a beautiful find goes on sale and you are heartbroken that everything in your size has sold out and you keep checking back on the web site to sigh over the "sold out" button near your size, someone might have sent one back!


All of the black ones are sold out and stayed sold out, but I had bought a much cheaper pair of black boots earlier this year, remember? So clearly, when the cherry-red boots appeared back in stock it was a sign.

Are those not amazing! Are those not fabulous? Yes, they are amazingly fabulous. They are a bit tight in the calf but I managed to get them zipped up all the way. I hope the leather will stretch a bit so it is easy to zip them and I can keep them. Because they are soooo pretty! And red! And pretty!

Yes, I have a bit of a fashion obsession here. And it's not like there's anything else exciting to report. I think I am not allowed to look at any ads or websites any more.


anthea said...

Fabulous boots! My favourite colour!

Earnest English said...


Very snazzy!

Spanish prof said...

Love the color! And the boot obsession! I got a third pair last week. My husband asked: "You needed another pair?" I answered: "No, but they were only $35, instead of the original $159"

recent Ph.D. said...

Love them! Gloriously red!

Horace said...

Amazing, and fabulous. They nearly approach the unfettered awesomeness of their owner.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...


I want my own pair now.

Flavia said...