Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm watching VH1

And you will not understand how shocked I am that they have music videos playing. I was just discussing media and videos and advertising with my students and was amused that all of us, and we have quite a range of ages, all agreed that MTV used to be worthwhile and interesting back when it showed videos all the time. It may be just that it's early in the morning and Vh1 has no early morning reality tv shows (bleah), but I will take it for a change of pace.

Anyway, I'm just shocked at how out of it I became about my music so quickly. The Strokes released another album? and it's in the top-5 selling albums nationally? And Interpol released one too? Who's this interesting-sounding group? Who's that one? Arrrgh, the radio around here really sucks! I was talking to one of the postdocs at her housewarming, way back at he beginning of the year, and something I said prompted her to say, "Oooh, we should resubscribe to Spin" to her partner. I may need to do that, because I am not keeping up on top of music that I like or finding new stuff I may like.

So the video I just watched is a new one from Radiohead (they have a new album too? crap! I am out of it!) that was horrifying or wonderful, or something. It has Thom Yorke dancing, and yes, that is a terrifying thought. And yet, hypnotic in that ohmigod-a-car-just-crashed kind of way.

I'm not sure if I should describe it as "Walt Whitman having a crack seizure" ... or maybe "homeless panhandler channels Lucky and/or Pozzo." Here I'll let you see:

Strange, eh? I'm not sure I'm loving the song as much as their older stuff either, but that could just be the nail in the coffin of me being old and out of it. Sigh.

Also, I'm not sure if I'm having my usual Friday tired and worn out feeling or if this scratchy throat is about to develop into a full-blown cold. I can't handle grading during this feeling, though, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

In your defense, Radiohead only let on that they had a new album recorded five days before they released it--and then they released it a day early. It was very exciting but also kind of easy to miss in a way.

I find it impossible not to love someone as weird at Thom Yorke.

Sisyphus said...

Another person has re-posted the video, without sound, and re-titled it "Thom York Has to Pee."