Friday, May 13, 2011

Operation Get Up Early

I have commenced. With varying levels of "success."

Yesterday I got up around 9:30. (Yes, that is an improvement!) And I did yoga. Today I got up at 8ish and took a nice walk. And then went home to discover that my clothes do not fit. FML. Grr!

(I really really wish they had such things as spin classes around here --- no, they don't; I have already searched the internets, trust me --- because walking isn't really going to get my weight back down in the amount of time I can commit to it. Gah.)

Tomorrow, I hope, I will get up when the alarm actually goes off, and if it is threatening rain like the forecast says, I will do yoga inside. Otherwise --- maybe a hike? Maybe I should contact the postdocs for a hike somewhere interesting!!!

I have no desire to write about the things I currently have to write about. I have been procrastinating on the internet and all sorts of other places. Bleah. That may be partly why I am having trouble getting out of bed --- I am avoiding. But another trouble seems to be the cats leaping and playing and wrestling on my head at about 4:30 --- I have such a hard time going to sleep that when that happens I often don't make it back to regular sleep sleep before 9 or 10 in the morning. Sucks. So tonight's experiment is to chase the cats around a bunch and get them to sleep during my all-important early morning time.

But I am still in need of advice for getting up early!!! What are you-all's special tricks or routines? Especially for those days you don't have anything "scheduled" but you still have plenty to do. I am thinking that having the proper wind-down evening routine is as important as a morning routine --- what do you think? What are your tips? Do you have advice, like on a special alarm clock or anything? Cat-wrangling tips? Playing music as soon as I am up?

Or maybe you could just tell me your funniest early-morning getting-ready snafu.


recent Ph.D. said...

I finally just gave in and let the cats have their way, but mine don't really get going until around 6:00. 4:30 is a little early, but you could get a lot of yoga in!

Anonymous said...

You probably don't want to have a small child, but they are guaranteed to get a person up early. Maybe you could move into the first story of a flat with a family upstairs on the second floor.

Feminist Avatar said...

I work late at night and sleep in the morning.

Unknown said...

Well, the kids get me up. But pre-kids, the only way I could force myself out of bed in the morning was to have a firmly established schedule, and it included a trip to the gym in the morning. (I only exercise in the morning, when I do it at all.) And then, I had to schedule the rest of my day tightly in order to get anything done. I really think human beings need schedules. Otherwise, we get lost, which leads to nothing getting done.

Shedding Khawatir said...

I highly recommend getting an Undercover Mouse for cat entertainment while you are sleeping. I used to have a coffeemaker that I could set to start brewing when I wanted to get up--then if I didn't want cold coffee I'd have to get up to drink it. It's rough though!