Monday, July 25, 2011

Work, Slack, Slump, Recover (I hope), Slime!

All right. I hope that I will miraculously break back into productivity in a minute or two, but while I wait for something to change (maybe for lunch to be digested?) I will post here.

My list of accomplishments so far (no laughing at the pitifulness of the list):
  • yoga
  • wrote and uploaded final ss assignment
  • tracked down and graded and uploaded little pile of straggler assignments
  • checked school email (I had one angry "why did I fail back in spring?" email that I saw Saturday and was avoiding with dread. Answered it and all the other anxiety-producing angry summer session emails)
  • went out to lunch with dad
  • survived his terrible driving on the way home
  • graded reading assignment 6
The good news is that all of the instructions and assignments for the rest of the session are now posted. (The bad news is that all that is left is grading.)

What I have left to do:
  • grade assignment 7
  • grade assignment 8
  • grade essays
  • continue revising my essay
  • randomly: I have a skirt I wanted to fix the waistband of. I could do that in between all the computer staring time.
  • laundry? (maybe.)

I could write a post all about dad's health and bad driving, but would rather be slightly entertaining instead. And so I ask you: what is worse for you to encounter, scaly things or slimy things? I must clearly come down on the slimy side of things, as lizards are cute! And snakes, as long as they are not rattling at me and rearing to strike, don't bother me. But slugs, snails, slimy centipedes, or any other gooey things ----- ehweheheheheehehewh! (like "aaaaaaaaaaah," but with shuddering.)

What's your heebie-jeebie? Slimy or scaly? Take the poll!

Or tell me stories about the worst thing you found in your house/car/camping tent/boot.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Scales are fine. I like snakes. Slime is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Dame Eleanor!

Anonymous said...

Slime would definitely ick me out more than a non-poisonous snake. or a lizard. I like reptiles.

But a rattler or a scorpion would freak me out more than a snail, for the main reason that I would prefer not to die just yet. Or have my arm amputated like the girl in True Grit did.