Thursday, August 4, 2011


So I went out and got food and cat food and toilet paper and all sorts of the stuff you need to stock up on when getting ready to start back in to the new school year craziness, and got totally derailed when I walked past the clothes section of Target. They have a lot of cute new dresses out if you are interested! Of course, I already stocked up on cute dresses over the spring and summer and really shouldn't be continuing with more, sigh. And I already had a bunch of skirts, but they had cute skirts too, like a lovely gray pencil skirt that looked great on the hanger, but, alas, did not work well on my short frame. (Mid-calf skirts are not my friend.)

I did, however, cave and get a cute tan colored a-line skirt and pair of shorts. There were also a bunch of really funky patterned cardigans that I thought would look nice with the fairly plain dresses and skirts I already own --- or they will once it's not four million degrees outside.

I know I need to not spend all my money, but I am so tempted to go back and get these dresses. Luckily if I'm all stocked up on everything I won't need to go out and be tempted by the stores. Of course, there is always the internet. Damn internet! You temptress!

I know, I know ---- think of the million extra books I could read every year if I just didn't spend all that time window shopping on the internet. And I haven't even done the deep cleaning the place needs after having been away for so long. But I haven't been back for those shoes I wanted! Can't I get the shoes, pretty please? Sigh.

What are other people buying to spruce up their teaching wardrobes?

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