Sunday, October 30, 2011

Procrastinatory Shoe Post

I have cleaned the catbox. I have done four job applications. I have requested a crapload of dossiers from Interfolio which is always tedious and tiring, filling out all those addresses individually over and over. While I still need to grade a zillion essays, prep Monday's classes and get groceries, I am tired and in that fuzzy-headed afternoon slump. Hence, I will post about shoes instead.

I've been feeling an inclination toward metallics these days, particularly bronze.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4
Fig 5. I'm also really drawn toward wedges lately.

Fig 6. These might be a bit high. I still like them.

Fig. 7 And these are awesome and amazing! I might need a lot of new clothing to make them fit into my wardrobe, though.

Fig. 8 There were cute sparkly flats at Target, that did not fit. I kinda want something tacky and covered with glitter. This is close, but not really what I want. And I bet the glitter shoes track/leave sparklies everywhere and then look like crap after you've had them a month.
Fig 9. Yeah, see --- sequins just aren't cutting it. I want tacky sparkly. Huge glowing sparkly that makes everyone alternate between staring at my feet and shielding their eyes.

Fig 10. Dear Uggs: Congratulations. You have made these damn things even uglier than they were originally. You should have to pay me an eyeball-burning fee every time I encounter a student with these on.
Fig. 11. I love these strong graphic shoes. Of course, I love black and white anything so actually I cannot have them in my wardrobe ---- unless I could mix them with a stripey black and white blouse and a black and white polka-dot skirt. If I'm not careful, I will end up with a closet completely devoid of color.
Fig 12. The next few shoes are my candidates for "somewhat boring yet would fit nicely into my current teaching wardrobe." The problem with snazzy shoes in crazy colors is that then it is difficult to work them into outfits that also have something bright and interesting and/or crazy. I need some browns/blacks that go with dress pants but aren't completely boring.
Fig. 13

Fig. 14

Fig 15

Fig. 16. Ok, these are both awesome and crazy. I have plenty of boots and would never wear something _this_ level of crazy anyway, but I still love to look at them. Maybe I can convince one of you real fashion mavens to go for this look.

 I must say I've been doing pretty good lately --- I bought a pair of flip flops over the summer when my old ones snapped, and nothing since. Now, of course, I am sighing over various job openings and telling myself that everything I can hold off on buying now is one less thing to pack and move next year. Doesn't stop me from looking at all the pretties online.

Vote for your favorite, make snarky comments and/or suggestions in the comment box below!


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Argh, curse you for not providing links to where to buy!! (although it's probably for the best.) I absolutely love Fig 14. And 1 and 8. And I would totally wear Fig 16, with a sweater dress, but I suspect I cannot afford them.

Also, my word verification is mooffed, which makes me happy.

Belle said...

I adore the bronzes. All of 'em. Because my wistfulness for metallics in the warm tones has not abated.

The only boots I wear these days are those that keep my feet dry & warm... I am the weird old lady in the funky Wellies.

Sisyphus said...

They are all at zappos. :)

Sisyphus said...

Mmm, I had not thought sweater dress! Like one of these?

Dr. Koshary said...

I also vote for Fig. 14. The sexy librarian aesthetic draws me in every time.

Susan said...

I kind of like 2 (I'm more silver than bronze) and 5, but would probably wear 14...

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Fig. 14!! Must have. Love them so much... cannot write a complete sentence. Drool.

TMedina said...

Figure 4. Definitely - embraces the inner cog theme without the spikey bits.

anthea said...

Great collection of shoes from which to choose from. I'd pick #16 as my favourite since they're crazy and unconventional and I'd wear them with plain colours and conventional skirt/pants/top combo that I could smile and pretend that I wasn't wearing crazy boots when everyone looked at them..and then looked at me with the thought on their faces "Why are you wearing these? They're not conventional for wearing around here?" Why? I sometimes just want to do something a bit different.