Sunday, December 11, 2011

Awright, time to put on loud music and compile some grades

I had coffee, but coming back home always has the possibility of distracting me.

I got through my essays --- I'm missing several and lots of peer reviews from people who just didn't show up Fri, which is good except it makes grading their peer reviewers tougher --- and now I have to tally up all the homework and attendance and whatnot.

Sheesh. I'm "caught up" in terms of today's quota and yet still so far behind. Tomorrow I need to grade my entire Stripey class's pile of big essays (35 OMG!)  and administer a comp final. Then Tues I need to go through one of the two big assignments from Fruit Studies and administer another comp final. Then there's the added class too. Yeeek!

I guess all this work is distracting me from wiki-watching, but if any search committees want to interrupt me tomorrow and ask me to the MLA, I won't complain.

Also I've only barely started my Christmasgift shopping. Aiiiigh! What should I get my dad, people? He's old and doesn't want anything and isn't really doing hobbies any more. I need to brainstorm. Eh, I need to do a lotta things.

UPDATE: I have compiled two of the classes, and I went and did all my bills instead of another class --- numbers, so it counts, right? I might go back and do the attendance for Stripey class, or I might go to bed early cause it's cold.

And in other news, I suddenly had the urge to check the Penn CFP list. Should I do a conference next year? I hadn't been planning on it. I did one last spring/summer and it cost me a lot of money I didn't have. If I didn't mess things up I might be able to get a little money from the dept. this year (forgot and missed the deadlines last year), but that still probably wouldn't cover much. Hmm.

I mean, I might be running around crazily accepting a job and moving and all that ... or I might be sitting around going WTH? What sort of career am I going to switch to now? while planning on moving back west to my parents' basement. In fact, I'll be moving *somewhere* either way, so maybe a conference just isn't a good idea. Hmm. Can't weigh the options too long, as deadlines for stuff are probably pretty soon. I hate this whole up-in-the-air job search bullshit. Meh.

I must need chocolate after all those depressing thoughts. Off to munch on things!

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Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Congrats on being caught up!

As for what to get your dad... That's tough. Is there anything you did together when you were a kid that was special? You might be able to get him a book about that thing. In my case, I got my dad an astronomy book a while before he died because we used to star gaze together when I was a kid. He adored it, especially because of the connection to "our special thing" when I was a kid.

If you've done something like that before, I always recommend coffee cups or calendars. You need both, right?