Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cute shoe pick me up

I am officially too exhausted to deal with reading drafts or prepping my classes tomorrow. It is what it is. I am not in any position to care. We are almost done, however, so it does not matter as long as I can make it through this last week or so.

Maybe I will be able to miraculously plow through everything early tomorrow morning. Of course, dealing with that this morning is why I am so tired I am taking a nap at 7 pm.

I have been fairly good at restricting my clothes/home purchases this semester in an effort to fix my finances (an effort rendered totally null and void by various car repair bills that have come up) but yesterday I finally caved because these shoes at modcloth were so cute:

Are they not tres adorable? I do not actually own t-straps, which is surprising given how much I like that retro look. I got some thick tights that I hope will go well and highlight the little cutouts.

And today I saw these, also at modcloth:

These are so cute!  I love the bright cheerful colors! (though it seems odd to be bringing them out in winter.) If I had not just bought shoes ---- and also I am unable to choose which color I like more ---- I would totally be getting them right now. Of course, since I love stripes, I actually can't see how they would go into my already stripe-filled wardrobe. Would I just pair them with clashing stripes? Hmm. Maybe I could buy one shoe from each pair and not bother figuring out how to work with the colors! Ok that is just my crazy talk coming out. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Those blue ones look exactly like the black ones my beloved gram wore (and let me wear around her house when I was a wee one). ♥

feMOMhist said...

much much cuter than the similar pair I returned


although I had to laugh that Ink referenced her g'ma as my fear was that the ones I returned looked like the shoes old ladies wear to church! That fine line between vintagey and stodgy!

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean they were old-fashioned...I think they ROCK.

anthea said...

The blue shoes are fabulous!!! I've a pair that are similar but they're navy blue and I think that these ones are far more splendiferous.