Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ibid ibid

Have I mentioned that I hate Chicago Style? I mean, lately?

I did some article fixing this morning ---- only an hour and a half before I got too tired, but better than nothing --- and now I am going back through and fixing more footnotes. Of course I have no books with me, which makes the process even more frustrating. Ibid, ibid, ibid --- is it capitalized or not? italicized or not? and do I care about this at all?

In honor of stupid citation tricks, here's an ugly toad I found on the internet. Ibid, ibid, ibid.


Jillian Anderson said...

OK, because that's going to bug me, I just looked it up in my giant Chicago Manual of Style and it looks like "ibid." is not italicized and is capitalized at beginning of a note and followed by a period.

I apologize in advance for my nerdiness.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! That picture is exactly what "ibid" sounds like. :D

(Sorry about Chicago...I loathe it, too.)

Shedding Khawatir said...

Well, I am looking forward to picturing this toad everytime I feel grumpy about formatting--I hate all the damn styles!

Anonymous said...

er... if you use a program like EndNote, it'll reformat everything for you, from your references/citations to your style, footnotes, etc., all with a few clicks. You still have to make sure it came out all right and check it, but it does a wide variety of styles... automagical formatting, I love it. Probably other reference programs will do that too. I hope that helps somebody at least, and happy new year!

(ibid. ibid. ibid.)

Anonymous said...

oh, p.s.: I think Floyd can take the ibid toad any day! Crunchy.

anthea said...

Urgh..I can't stand Chicago style either. (I think the toad is funny...and it has a strong resemblance to a supervisor I had once.) Drove me insane the last time I had to use it for an article that had been accepted for publication. I was so glad that Endnote could sort most of my traumas out but the ibid thing plagued me. But on a better note "Happy New Year"!